Rosa Cienfuegos

Mexican Food Australia

Upcoming Classes:

Rosa will be teaching a masterclass at SSS on Wednesday 24th April. Book here.


When Rosa arrived in Australia in 2009 from Mexico City, like most Mexicans, the thing she missed most was the food. She was surprised to find how little Mexican food was available, and how different everything was – the “Mexican” food here was really anything but! From that moment, she made it her mission to teach Aussies what real Mexican cuisine tasted like.

Many in the Mexican community here in Sydney would call Rosa and ask her to prepare certain dishes for them. Eventually, so many people were asking for their favourites (especially her tamales) that she started running pop-up events in Marrickville once a month, just to try to keep up with the demand. It was only a matter of time before she needed to move to a permanent location where all her fans could drop in any time to satisfy their cravings. In 2018, she opened her first store, The TamalerĂ­a in Dulwich Hill.

And the rest is history!


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