Become a Supplier

Sydney Fish market plays an integral role in the Australian seafood industry, and thus is committed to ensuring a sustainable supply of seafood for generations to come. To this end, we uphold a set of ‘Responsible Sourcing Principles’.

The following principles apply to product sold through the SFM auction and non-auction sales systems.

  1. Our product is lawfully supplied.
  2. Our products are traceable.
  3. We support continuous improvement in fisheries and aquaculture.
  4. Our products are labelled in accordance with the Australian Fish Names Standard.
  5. Information about our product is consistent and clear.

Under this policy, suppliers to SFM are carefully vetted, ensuring that they have the appropriate accreditation for the type of seafood they catch or harvest, that their product passes through the correct Food Safety programs, and that their product was caught/produced in accordance with the regulations of that fishery or aquaculture sector (including catch quotas and other stock management/preservation arrangements).

If you wish to become a supplier to Sydney Fish Market, please register your interest with the SFM Customer Service Team by phoning 02 9004 1100, or emailing

Sydney Fish Market will provide you with a kit containing relevant information on packing, transport, commission rates, and payment, as well as an application form.

Once this application is returned, it will be assessed by the SFM Customer Service Team and you will be notified of the outcome.