Auction System

Sydney Fish Market’s auction system ensures quality product sells consistently in a timely manner from 5.30am every week day. Discover how you can become a buyer or supplier at our auction.

Food Safety

As a leading centre for excellence in seafood, food safety is our number one priority. Our Quality Assurance Program safeguards all items of produce that pass through our doors.

Fish Prices

Daily fish prices can be accessed by registered suppliers to Sydney Fish Market. Check how your product is selling in real time and receive Auction prices via daily email.

Become a Sydney Fish Market Buyer

As the largest seafood market in the southern hemisphere, Sydney Fish Market offers the greatest range of seafood from NSW, Australia and overseas; in fact on any one day our buyers have access to over 100 species. 

All the seafood we sell is backed by best practice food safety and HACCP Quality Assurance to maximise and maintain quality and shelf-life, while our mechanisms of sale, including our Dutch auction, ensures buyers get it at a fair market price.

Quality Assurance

Sydney Fish Market is Australia’s seafood centre of excellence and strives for the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Sydney Fish Market introduced its Quality Assurance Program, incorporating the HACCP system in 1998.  Since then Sydney Fish Market has worked to ensure all products sold through SFM's wholesale auction and all meals prepared at Sydney Seafood School adhere to this process.