Responsible Sourcing

Fisheries management in Australia has improved greatly in the past 20 years. State and Commonwealth fisheries authorities set quotas, gear restrictions and seasonal limits to ensure that the seafood taken by professional fishers is replenished. Since 2014, no fishery under Commonwealth management has been subject to overfishing.

Tightly managed fishing is the most sustainable way of feeding people. Fishing does not use herbicides, fertilisers, insecticides or hormones and the impacts from fishing are reversible. If fishing is effectively managed, its impact on the environment can be much less than that from the production of alternative foods with similar nutritional value.

Sydney Fish Market’s commitment to sustainability is evident all along the supply chain. We purchase quota for undervalued species and lease it back to local fishers. We’ve implemented sourcing principles to support resource management and assist in eliminating illegal fishing activity and we support improved fishing practices which minimise impact and undesired by-catch.  

We ensure compliance with our sourcing principles by maintaining a best-practice through-chain traceability system which includes regular auditing.