Industry Submissions

Sydney Fish Market is the principal interface between seafood consumers and producers in New South Wales. It accepts responsibility to support the seafood consuming public on issues that impact supply of, and demand for, seafood in this State.  

As such we have a fundamental responsibility to promote and participate in informed debate on the issues that affect the health and sustainability of marine environments and the resources they support.  

2018: Response to the Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion Initiative

In response to the Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion Initiative, Sydney Fish Market welcomed the opportunity to comment on this NSW Government initiative from the Marine Estate Management Authority.

2016: Green Paper on Fisheries Management Reform in Queensland

In September 2016, Sydney Fish Market contributed a submission in response to the green paper on Fisheries Management Reform in Queensland.

2016: Inquiry into the Regulation of Australian Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture Sectors

Sydney Fish Market welcomed the opportunity to provide input into the inquiry into Productivity Commission inquiry into on Commonwealth, state and territory regulation of wild capture marine fisheries.

2014: Inquiry into the Current Requirements for Labelling of Seafood and Seafood Products

Sydney Fish Market and its onsite retailers adhere to the Fish Names Standard and strongly support the prospect of country of origin labelling of seafood extending to food service.  Sydney Fish Market therefore welcomed this opportunity to provide input into the inquiry into the current requirements for labelling of seafood and seafood products.

2014: Commercial Fisheries Reform

On Thursday 29 May 2014, Sydney Fish Market made a formal submission to the Commercial Fisheries Reform. The submission was developed in consultation with various Commercial Fishing working groups.