Oysters with Asian Dressing

Recipes | Assembling | Raw Serves 2 as an entrée Oysters with Asian Dressing

Rice bran oil is a neutral-flavoured oil extracted from rice, use grapeseed oil if you prefer. Fresh seaweed is available from some fishmongers and Asian grocers, it makes an attractive base for these oysters and helps to hold them in place so that the dressing doesn’t spill out of the shells; a bed of rock salt would work equally well.


½ tablespoon mirin (see notes)
½ tablespoon rice bran oil (see above)
1 teaspoon Japanese soy sauce
1 teaspoon finely grated ginger, squeezed to extract juice
Seaweed, for serving
12 freshly shucked Pacific oysters


Combine mirin, oil, soy sauce and ginger juice.

Arrange seaweed on a platter and place oysters on top.

Top oysters with dressing and serve.


Mirin is a sweet Japanese fortified rice wine used for cooking. True mirin (labelled ‘hon mirin’) contains alcohol, so what is available in supermarkets and Asian grocery stores, and normally used, is non-alcoholic ‘mirin seasoning’. 

Alternative species:

Native Oyster, Sydney Rock Oyster, steamed Saucer Scallop.

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