Trisha Greentree

Fratelli Paradiso

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There are no upcoming classes for Trisha Greentree at this time.

Trisha Greentree lives and breathes hospitality.  As Executive Chef of cult Sydney restaurants 10 William St and Fratelli Paradiso, Greentree celebrates the simplicity of high quality ingredients, done well. 

With a focus on sustainability and thoughtful farming practices, the chef has a produce-focused approach to cooking. Her experience has been honed over years everywhere from California to Denmark as well as some of Australia’s most celebrated restaurants like the hatted kitchens of Bird Cow Fish, Mr Wong and Brae in regional Victoria, where Greentree was both cooking and tending to the on-site farm.

What first began as an instinctual foray into food Trisha’s path has now blossomed into a true labour of love. And, in the Fratelli family, she has well and truly found her home. Community-driven venues where simplicity, seasonality and creativity are the order of the day. 


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