Big Sam Young

Upcoming Classes:

Big Sam Young will be hosting a Sundowner Session at SSS on April 5th 2023.

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The story of Sam Young is one that’s been pressure-cooked, flash-fried, and is now braising on a low, gentle simmer. Inspired by the taste of his travels to Italy, Canada, Hong kong, Vietnam and Malaysia to name a few, he has worked in Sydney’s top restaurants like Mr. wong, Ms.g’s, Queen chow, Totti’s and more recently as Lotus’s head chef. As one of Australia’s top chefs, he believes that it takes more than just flavours to elevate food from good to great – it’s the complete experience that comes with it.

Currently, Sam Young hosts exclusive dinners as a private chef, runs a 40-seat neighbourhood bistro called S’More, and is a creative collaborator with the industry’s brightest talents and go-to eateries. Moving from planned menus into curated dining experiences, he loves delighting diners with his #bsyexperience twist – often with shavings of truffle or dollops of caviar. His specialities include sourcing only the finest australian produce, innovating crowd favourite dishes, and pairing his dining experiences with his one-of-a-kind big personality.


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