Tue 09 Jan

The Best Summer Seafood Recipes

The sun is shining, the beach is calling your name, and Australian seafood is in its finest form. It must be time for us to share another seasonal recipe collection! 

If you're looking for some inspiration for your next barbecue, dinner party, or just a weeknight dinner, read on: we've got some delicious summer seafood recipes to share with you. 


Kingfish Crudo with Ruby Grapefruit 

Recipe Here 

Summer cooking is all about simplicity and freshness, and this dish epitomises both. One of our staff members recently served it up as the starter at a sunny rooftop dinner party, to rave reviews. 


Prawn Salad with Chilli, Cucumber and Watercress 

Recipe Here 

This salad is the perfect easy dinner on a hot day: you don’t even need to turn on the stove to make it! Want to get your hands on the freshest possible prawns? Chat to your fishmonger - they'll tell you which ones to pick. 


Miang Kham (Betel Leaves) 

Recipe Here 

This recipe is one that Sydney Seafood School featured in their Southeast Asian cooking class once upon a time, and the whole team still has a soft spot for it. It's such a great option for spring and summer entertaining, as it's made to be eaten with your hands.  


Kingfish Ceviche 

Recipe Here 

Speaking of entertaining, Ceviche is a classic appetiser that can be whipped up in advance and rolled out for any gathering. As the fish isn’t actually being cooked, it is important to make sure it’s sashimi-grade, which is the freshest possible – just check with your fishmonger before you take it home. 


Salade Niçoise 

Recipe Here 

When you need something filling, but still light enough for a hot summer evening, turn to this classic Provençal salad. Replacing the classic tinned tuna with fresh chunks really takes it to the next level. 


Prawn Cocktail 

Recipe Here 

Classic recipes never go out of fashion, because they simply taste good; we'd put the Prawn Cocktail firmly in that category. Avocado, iceberg lettuce, fresh prawns, and an addictive Marie-Rose sauce combine to make the perfect poolside snack.