Sparkling Seafood Recipes for New Year's Eve

Tue 28 Dec
Sparkling Seafood Recipes for New Year's Eve

Christmas has come to an end, but the festive season isn’t over yet! New Year’s Eve is a fantastic occasion to get together with friends, and we are of the opinion that seafood nibbles and canapes should abound at every celebration.

We’ve gathered together some super easy finger-foods for you, to make entertaining easy this New Year’s Eve. These can all be pre-prepared or pulled together quickly, and are easy to eat on the go, while still being impressive to your party guests.

Prawn Cocktail: Recipe here

A prawn cocktail is an absolute classic that never goes out of fashion. The best part of this recipe when it comes to entertaining is that you can prepare everything early and just pop it in the fridge, leaving you free to flit about your party and socialise.

Our recipe adds diced avocado for a creamy, modern touch… Adding some fresh mango is another way to amp up this old favourite.


BBQ Prawns with Sriracha Mayo: Recipe here

Having the BBQ fired up in the background is an easy way to keep the canapes flowing at your New Year’s Eve party, as long as someone puts their hand up to be on the tongs!

Grab some extra large King or Tiger Prawns, butterfly them (or ask your fishmonger to do it for you), and throw them on to char and caramelise with a brush of olive oil. Serve on paper plates to minimise washing up, or skewer them before cooking for even easier eating!

This recipe comes to you courtesy of Great Australian Seafood.


Sugar Cane Prawns: Recipe here

One of the most popular dishes in Vietnamese cuisine, Sugar Cane Prawns are traditionally grilled over a charcoal fire and are a popular snack at roadside and market stalls. They are also eaten as part of a meal, with the cooked prawn meat taken off the sugar cane and wrapped in moistened rice paper wrappers or lettuce leaves with vegetables, herbs and thin rice noodles.

For entertaining purposes, these make a fantastic starter that only takes a few minutes on the BBQ and is easy to pre-prepare… Perfect for New Year’s Eve!


Steamed Saucer Scallops: Recipe here

Steaming is the perfect cooking method for firm, glassy Saucer Scallops, and they make great finger food for parties if you’re hosting this New Year’s Eve. Just add your chosen seasonings to the uncooked scallops (we often use soy sauce, rice wine and green onions, but garlic butter and a dash of white wine also works beautifully), and steam them in a steamer basket. You can even cook them on the BBQ with the lid down!

Serving them in the shell not only looks beautiful, but makes them easy for your guests to pick up and eat while chatting.

Prawn Finger Sandwiches: Recipe here

These little sandwiches are so easy to pre-prepare (you can even get the kids involved) and keep in the fridge until your guests arrive. All you need is some chopped prawn meat, mixed in with mayonnaise, creme fraiche, tabasco, and lemon, and arranged into neat finger sandwiches.

Arrange them on a big platter and let your guests serve themselves for guaranteed stress-free entertaining!

This recipe comes to you courtesy of Great Australian Seafood.