Masterclass for Preparation of Hiramasa Kingfish

As a natural inhabitant of the cold, crystal-clear waters of Spencer Gulf off South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, award-winning Hiramasa Kingfish is revered by chefs around the world as a superb sashimi fish and for its incredible versatility; whether served cured, smoked, grilled, fried, roasted as a cutlet or poached as a fillet in broth.

Three of Australia’s leading chefs, Shaun Presland, Executive Chef of Sake Restaurant, Carla Jones, Head Chef of 4Fourteen Restaurant and Yoshii Ryuichi, Executive Chef of Yoshii Restaurant, have joined forces to present a series of video masterclasses.

Shaun, Carla and Yoshii share their exclusive Hiramasa Kingfish recipes and demonstrate their tips and techniques for mastering exquisite sashimi, grilled cutlet, pan-fried fillet and ceviche creations every time.

Hiramasa Kingfish Kuwayaki Fillet

This beautifully succulent crisp-skinned Kingfish fillet nestles in a rich, hearty sauce that’s packed with flavour and accompanied by shiitake mushrooms gently sautéed in butter soy.  

Rustic Japanese fare at its finest, courtesy of one of Australia’s leading Sushi Chefs and the Executive Chef of the acclaimed Saké Restaurant, Shaun Presland.


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Hiramasa Sashimi

This masterclass features Sydney’s sushi master, Yoshii Ryuichi, who prepares a mouth-watering array of sushi and sashimi from scratch. Yoshii demonstrates how to create artistry on a plate with Hiramasa Kingfish, some good quality (and very sharp) knives and a little bit of patience. Your perseverance will be rewarded!  Tutorial courtesy of Yoshii Ryuichi, Executive Chef of acclaimed Yoshii Restaurant located in Sydney’s historic The Rocks.


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Grilled Hiramasa Kingfish Cutlet

This simply grilled Hiramasa Kingfish cutlet, steeped in a hearty marinade of garlic, olive oil, allows the exquisite flavour of the fish to shine through.  It’s perfectly balanced with a warm salad that’s packed with fresh flavours, textures and colours.  The oven-roasted salted grapes deliver little flavor bombs that add a slightly caramelised sweetness to the sharpness of the kale and delicacy of the Hiramasa.  Mouth-watering winter fare at its finest, courtesy of one of Sydney’s leading chefs, Carla Jones, of award-winning 4Fourteen Restaurant. 


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Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche

An exquisite summer dish that’s as delicious as it is light, healthy and simple to prepare. Popular in coastal towns in South America, ceviche uses a method of curing the fish in lime juice before mixing it with a pop of chilli and crunch red onion, cucumber and crispy garlic chips. It’s a riot for the tastebuds and just about the coolest way to enjoy Hiramasa this side of Peru.  Courtesy of the Executive Chef of the acclaimed Saké Restaurant, Shaun Presland.


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