Australian Fish Names

Sydney Fish Market is a proud supporter of the Australian Fish Names Standard.  Since June 2005, Sydney Fish Market has incorporated the Australian Fish Names List into its operations.

In March 2007, the Australian Fish Names List became an Australian Standard.

  • prescribes one standard fish name for each species of fish produced or traded in Australia
  • includes over 4,000 Australian and imported species
  • was approved by Standards Australia as an official Australian Standard in 2007
  • was developed by the Australian Fish Names Committee.

The Standard specifies that:

  • fish sold to consumers (eg, retail sales and restaurants) must be identified by their standard fish name
  • fish sold other than directly to consumers (eg, wholesale, export, import) must be identified by their standard fish name or scientific name.
The need for standard fish names:
  • accuracy of trade descriptors and labelling
  • public and consumer confidence 
  • efficiency in seafood marketing
  • effective fisheries monitoring and management
  • sustainability of fisheries resources
  • effective traceability and food safety management
  • industry viability and profitability

In 2008, Sydney Fish Market and the following retailers onsite became the first companies in Australia to be certified to the Australian Fish Names Brand Scheme.

  • De Costi Seafood, Sydney Fish Market
  • Deep Seafood
  • Christie's Seafoods
  • Claudio's Quality Seafood
  • Musumeci Seafood
  • Peter's Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market have held meetings with a view to standardising species names from as far back as 1920, when concerns over the variety of fish being sold under various names led to meetings to discuss standardising fish names across the board. Up until recent times, species such as Snapper have been sold under more than 20 different names nationwide, with the name used often varying by the region in Australia in which it was being sold.

The Scheme is seen as a way of taking the confusion out of purchasing seafood, providing greater transparency for the consumer at time of purchase. The Approved Fish Names brand scheme has been welcomed by all sectors of the industry, from catchers and harvesters through to retailers and consumers.

For retailers interested in becoming certified, please contact 1300 130 321 or visit