Want to know more about where your seafood comes from? How the industry ensures Australian seafood is sustainable? Where Sydney's top restaurants go to buy the freshest of the fresh?

Our Behind the Scenes Tour is your ticket into the weird and wonderful world of Australian seafood.



  • The hustle and bustle of the auction floor (normally closed to the public!).
  • The Dutch auction system in action, selling more than 50 tonnes of fresh seafood to 150+ buyers.
  • Over 100 seafood species in our famous blue crates, from the fan-favourites to the weird and wonderful.


  • Brand new species of seafood that we bet you've never seen before.
  • Tuna filleting (you might even spot one hanging from a forklift!).
  • Live lobsters, sushi prep, oyster shucking, and more.



Our experienced seafood educators don't just read from a script: they're ready to answer any and all seafoodie questions you might throw at them.

With plenty of tour guiding experience, a passion for learning, and a few jokes up their sleeves, they'll make sure you have a fantastic Behind the Scenes experience!


Tours are held most weekdays, except public holidays and between Christmas and New Year (even our dedicated Tour Guides need a break now and then). 

Rise and shine! Each tour begins at 6:40am sharp and ends around 8:30am, so you can catch all the early morning action. Please arrive by 6:30am to check in, or you might get left behind!

Your guide will meet you at the wooden tables inside the main arcade, just next to Christie's Seafoods. 


$60 Adult
$20 Children (ages 10-13)

Parking is free for Behind-the-Scenes tour guests. You will be provided with a 4-digit exit code during your tour.

For safety reasons, you do have to be double digits to attend the tour. Sorry littlies!

Please also note that wheelchairs and prams are not permitted on the tour, for safety reasons.