World Tuna Day: Five Ways to Enjoy Tuna at Sydney Fish Market

Mon 02 May
World Tuna Day: Five Ways to Enjoy Tuna at Sydney Fish Market

Today is World Tuna Day – the perfect excuse to enjoy some of the delicious fresh tuna caught by Australian fishers! Sydney Fish Market is one of the best places in Sydney to enjoy tuna at its absolute freshest: the quality of all tuna cuts at the Market is second to none. 

We have gathered our five favourite ways to enjoy tuna at SFM just for you – try one of these this week to celebrate World Tuna Day in style. 

P.S. If you're interested in how tuna is prepped by our retailers, check out this awesome video of Claudio's resident tuna expert Tony filleting a monster fish! 


Tuna Sashimi 

You can't go past the tuna sashimi at Sydney Fish Market. Fresh and raw, perhaps with a light dipping of soy sauce, is by far the best way to enjoy this world-class fish in all its natural glory. 

The best part about ordering from the sashimi bars at the Market is that you can pay for your sashimi by weight, and then have our retailers’ skilled staff slice it just to your liking – thick or thin. 


Tuna Sushi Rolls 

Why not add on to your sashimi feast with a bento box of fresh tuna sushi rolls? Our retailers’ sushi bars provide any and all styles of sushi you can dream of, from maki to uramaki to nigiri! Everything in the sushi windows is made fresh that morning by a dedicated set of staff. 

Gather a selection and enjoy it on our boardwalk in the winter sunshine, or nibble on it as you explore the rest of our retailers. 


Sushi Taco 

One of the most popular styles of sushi at the Market are Fish Market Cafe's sushi tacos! They come in both salmon and tuna varieties, and feature a crunchy outer shell of nori and a deliciously fresh and flavoursome filling. 

They are also endlessly Instagram-able, posted and re-shared constantly by food bloggers Sydney-wide. 


Tuna Poke Bowl 

A number of Sydney Fish Market retailers (including Christie's, Claudio's, and Peters) offer ready-made Poke bowls of fresh tuna sashimi, herbs, and delicious sushi rice. These make a great light lunch – you can even take them home, pop them in the fridge, and enjoy them the next day at work! 


Cook it Yourself! 

The final - and perhaps most satisfying - way to enjoy Australia's fresh tuna is to cook it yourself at home. Tuna, like many large fish, is usually sliced vertically into boneless 'steaks' that are a suitable portion size for 1 person.

Tuna is actually quite similar to beef in its texture and flavour, especially when cooked on the BBQ or in a grill-pan. Tuna’s red flesh even looks more like steak than fish before it is cooked! Ideally, tuna steaks should be seared on the outside, and rare in the centre - if overcooked, they will become tough and dry. 

Try one of Sydney Seafood School's tasty recipes to make the most of your fresh tuna steaks at home!