Tue 26 Sep

Top 5 Spring Dishes at SFM

The warm spring weather is a great excuse to visit Sydney Fish Market and enjoy a feast on our sunny boardwalk... And this season our retailers have some amazing options in store. Think fresh, colourful salads, abundant fruit and veg, and showstopping sushi. 

Today, we have collected five of our personal favourite dishes for you to enjoy on your next visit. Dive into our top picks for spring below! 


Acai Bowls  

Our newest retailer on the block, Fruitezy, have Acai Bowls fresh on tap and have three flavours for you to choose from... Plus, you get unlimited toppings! 

From dulce de leche to passionfruit to cacao nibs, the potential refreshing and healthy combinations are endless. If you’re looking for a healthy and energising breakfast, lunch or snack, head to Fruitezy.  

Burrata Salad 

The Boatshed is known for their indulgent seafood platters and burgers, but many people don’t know that they have a bunch of non-seafood options on the menu too. In spring, the Burrata Salad is the way to go. A medley of tomato, Spanish onion, basil, pesto, and burrata, served on charred crostinis: the perfect light, fresh lunch. 

If you’re in the mood for a drink (aren’t we all?) we recommend pairing it with their signature Pink Grapefruit Margarita. 


Sushi doesn’t really get fresher or more varied than Getfish's Nigiri selection. From Atlantic Salmon to Tuna belly to Kingfish, they've got endless creative options to choose from as you build your own personalised bento. 

Feeling like something unique? They also do a piece of Nigiri salmon paired with fruit... Don't knock it till you try it! 

Poke Bowls 

It’s no secret that Claudio’s Seafoods has some of the finest fresh fish in the country, and we reckon that's what makes their Poke Bowls so special.  

Nothing hits the spot like a cold, refreshing bowl of poke in spring – think salmon, colourful vegetables, and fish roe, all topped with an addictive sesame dressing.  

Whole Fish 

Our retailers' cooked-to-order Whole Fish may be some of the most popular dishes at SFM.  

Available at Christie’s Seafood, Nicholas Seafood and Peter’s Sydney Fish Market, this option allows you to choose any fresh, seasonal species from the wet fish displays and have it grilled, baked, steamed or deep-fried to your liking. Choose your sauce, choose your side (rice, noodles, chips, or veggies), and dig in!