Top 5 Dishes at The Boatshed Pyrmont

Mon 13 Jun
Top 5 Dishes at The Boatshed Pyrmont

The restrictions on indoor dining over the past few years have meant limited opportunities to sit down and enjoy the view at Sydney Fish Market over a plate of Australia's freshest seafood... But now, we are thrilled to announce that the wait for a sit-down restaurant is over! 

Our newest retailer, The Boatshed Pyrmont, is the sister restaurant of The Boatshed's well-regarded location in La Perouse. With a menu focused on local, seasonal seafood fresh from the Market, prepared in a myriad of delicious ways, this gorgeous restaurant is the ideal spot to sit back, relax, and share a platter with friends on a sunny day. 

Here are a five of the dishes on The Boatshed's menu that we think you should try! Explore the full menu here.

BBQ Octopus 

While you can get some delicious octopus at Sydney Fish Market's other hot food retailers (octopus skewers, anyone?), The Boatshed's BBQ Octopus is a class of its own. Cooked in a garlic marinade and served with lemon and oregano dressing, honey, and crumbled feta, this dish is a trip to Mediterranean on a plate! 


The Barra Burger 

Popularised in recent times by chef Josh Niland (of Saint Peter and Charcoal Fish), fish burgers are having a welcome renaissance right now. The Boatshed's Barra Burger combines sustainably farmed Humpty Doo Barramundi from the Northern Territory with cheese and fresh slaw. A side of crispy chips completes the perfect lunch for any hungry Fish Market wanderer. 


Whole BBQ Snapper 

At Sydney Fish Market, we are huge advocates for eating your fish whole. Not only does getting used to this eating style save you money when cooking fish at home (as whole fish are far cheaper than fillets), but – like any protein – fish is so much more flavoursome when cooked and served with the bones in. 

Snapper is one of Australia's favourite eating fish for a reason: it has a mild, sweet flavour that suits a huge range of preparations. The Boatshed Pyrmont serve theirs with an addictive Mediterranean-style dressing. 


Loaded Scampi 

Scampi is a somewhat underappreciated crustacean in Australia; you will more often see it on five-star restaurant menus than anywhere else. At The Boatshed, you can order both Scampi Sashimi, and – our pick – Loaded Scampi, which comes topped with a delicious combo of Sea Urchin roe, Salmon caviar, and Flying Fish Roe. It is pure decadence, for less than $25! 

Live from the Tank 

One of the best ways to enjoy the seafood at Sydney Fish Market is having it cooked fresh to order. Most of our hot food retailers allow you to choose a Lobster, Crab, Abalone, or fish from their live tanks and have it cooked in your chosen style, and The Boatshed is no exception. 

We recommend choosing an Eastern Rock Lobster, and having it cooked in ginger and shallot sauce, and served with noodles. Portions are generous, making this the ultimate dish to share with friends and family.