Top 10 Eats at Sydney Fish Market

Tue 22 Sep
Top 10 Eats at Sydney Fish Market

Everyone knows that Sydney Fish Market is home to Australia’s best seafood, but what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s also one of the best places in Sydney to enjoy a variety of top-quality meals.

Whether you need a quick bite or have time for a more luxurious, elaborate feast, we’ve got you covered.

The list features some of our favourite meals, but if we’ve missed your favourite, let us know!


1. The Meat Lover

Brisket Burger, Vic's Meat Market

It may be famous worldwide for seafood, but did you know Sydney Fish Market is also home to Sydney’s best butchery – Vic’s Meat Market?

Also featuring a smokehouse, Vic’s is a carnivore’s cavern of delights. 14 hour smoked beef brisket – say no more. 


2. For the 'gram

Sushi Donut, Fish Market Cafe 

Fresh seafood, edible flowers, delicately cut vegetables and rice shaped in a… you guessed it, donut!

Work of art or culinary Frankenstein? Try the Fish Market Café’s Insta-famous sushi donut (or ‘Doshi’) and decide for yourself. Don’t forget to get the snap before you tuck in.


3. Mussel Memory

Mussel Chowder, Doyle's

Taste a time lost to memory with the famous Doyle’s Chowder recipe- unchanged since Gran was a girl. The seafood equivalent to a warm bowl of porridge, this buttery, beautiful bowl will warm your cockles.

To accompany, we recommend a fresh bread roll and a dark beer.


4. Grab and Go

Wagyu Kimchi Toastie, Blackwattle Deli

In a rush? Cold? Tired? Hungover? Overwhelmed by all that seafood? Blackwattle Deli’s Wagyu Kimchi Toastie is the simple-yet-delicious answer to all your lunchtime qualms.

With thinly sliced smoked wagyu beef, oozy provolone dulce, Japanese mayo and a surprising tang of kimchi wedged between slices of sourdough, you’ll be dreaming about this toastie for weeks to come!   


5. Catch of the Day

Steamed whole fish with ginger and shallots, Nicholas Seafoods

With Australia’s biggest selection of seafood, you’re spoilt for choice at Sydney Fish Market. Each day’s auction is different and this is reflected in the retail shops. Anything you see can be cooked to order, and WOW!

The world’s best seafood cooked when you like, how you like it. If you don’t know how it should be cooked, ask! Or, if in doubt, do what we do and order a steamed whole fish, Chinese style, with ginger and shallots.


6. Yummy Yum Cha

Sin Juk Guen (Sin Juk OON) - beancurd rolls, Pai gu (Pie Gwa) - pork short rib and Har gow (Harr Gow) - prawn dumpling, Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Restaurant

Yum Cha at Fishermen’s Wharf Seafood Restaurant is a Sydney institution and with great seafood alongside a seemingly endless selection of delights like dumplings, pork buns, duck pancakes and steamed greens it’s easy to be overwhelmed!

But our pick? Watch your trolly lady’s face light up when you ask for “Sin Juk Oon" (phoenetically) this dish made of chicken mince, mushroom and vegetables wrapped in tofu skin is authentic Cantonese at its best. 


7. Whatta Man

Salt n pepper squid, Peter's Seafoods

Ask one of the friendly fish mongers at Peters Seafoods to help you select a glistening fresh, Sashimi-grade Australian squid then ask for it to be deep fried, Chinese salt n pepper style.

The result? Piping hot and crunchy morsels of squid that we have been told are superior to even the famed Tetsuya’s. There’s a push in Sydney to declare this the new national dish of Australia, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why.


8. The Health Nut

Sashimi and freshly shucked oysters, Christie's Seafoods

Does lunch get any healthier and more indulgent than freshly shucked oysters with a squeeze of lemon served alongside melt-in-your mouth sashimi?

Taste the ocean and get an injection of omega 3s, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and more all in one meal. Grab a side of seaweed salad for your greens and you’ll be glowing all day.

9. The Degustation

Whatever takes your fancy, Explore all our retailers

Habitual fence sitter? Fan of starting sentences with ‘on one hand…’?

Well, at SFM you can eat a whole banquet without having to choose one main meal.

Want to compare Australia’s best oysters? Get six of each, and you decide. Prefer farmed or wild prawns? Get a handful of each and make your own mind up! Go for a stroll grab a single Scampi for sashimi, six oysters, four prawns, two slices of tuna belly, two of salmon, and cooked Balmain Bug.

Take your time, you won’t be rushed. Sit, eat, drink, order more, drink more, nibble, stroll, sit. It’s your market, enjoy it your way.


10. The sweet-tooth

Choc dipped watermelon, Waterside Fruit Connection

Eaten all that seafood but still got room for desert? Head to the juice bar at Waterside Fruit Connection and sample their colourful array of chocolate dipped fruit.

Want to experience local culture? Their famed yoghurt selection will surely delight.