Fri 05 Jan

The Best Summer Treats at Sydney Fish Market

Picture this. It’s a blistering summer’s day in Sydney. You’ve already been for an early morning swim at the beach, or you’re on your way there. It’s so hot that you’ve forgone your usual flat white for a tall, iced latte. A hot lunch sounds like your worst nightmare, and standing next to the oven or stove? Out of the question! 

Trust us – a visit to Sydney Fish Market is the solution to your woes. Not only will wandering the ice-cold retail stores help bring your core temperature back to a more manageable level, but the myriad of chilled, refreshing food options means we can definitely offer you something you feel like eating, despite the heat! 

Check out this list of the best summer treats at the Market for some inspiration, and you’ll be perfectly prepared to pop into Sydney Fish Market as soon as the mercury next rises. 


Fresh Sashimi 

Cool, delicious, and freshly sliced – nothing hits the spot on a hot day like sashimi. Add a squeeze of lemon, or dip in wasabi and soy sauce for a real flavour hit. 

The variety at Sydney Fish Market’s sushi bars is unparalleled, meaning there is so much more than Salmon, Tuna, and Kingfish to enjoy! We recommend trying Snapper, Scallop, or Octopus sashimi if you’re keen to get out of your comfort zone… And don’t forget a tasty, cold seaweed salad for your side dish. 


Poke Bowls 

If you need something a little more substantial and varied than the classic sliced sashimi, the poke bowls at our retailers are the best of both worlds. Predominantly served with sashimi-grade Salmon or Tuna, the mixture of stunningly fresh fish, crunchy cucumber, cabbage, carrot, fish eggs and seaweed in these nutritious bowls makes them the perfect meal on a sunny day.  


Fresh Juices and Chocolate-dipped Fruit 

One of the hidden gems of Sydney Fish Market is Fruitezy's juice bar. Tucked away at the back of the arcade, this little shop serves customisable freshly squeezed juices and smoothies using the garden-fresh produce from the green-grocer next door. Choose from their menu of delicious options, or pick and choose fruits and veggies for your very own personalized creation. 

And to balance out your healthy juice, you have to pick up some of their chocolate-dipped fruit. Strawberries, watermelon, mango and more, covered in a decadent layer of cold, chocolatey goodness – now that’s our idea of healthy eating! 


Machi Machi Tea 

Bubble tea (also known as Boba or Milk Tea) is a worldwide sensation for a reason – it is sweet, refreshing, and has a variety to suit everyone’s tastes. Machi Machi Tea Bar in the Sydney Fish Market arcade has a huge variety of tall, cool drinks to choose from, as well as plenty of customisable options. 

We recommend their invigorating Fruit Teas, or their Slushes, to really put a dent in Sydney’s sweltering summer days. 



This list wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate summer snack – freshly shucked oysters! We have two tips to make your oyster experience at Sydney Fish Market world class. 

First, make sure to talk to the oyster shucker at your chosen retailer. They have years of experience handling these delicious morsels, and will be able to recommend you the freshest, best quality selection that day… They might even let you taste test one if you ask very nicely! 

Secondly, pop into our on-site bottle shop and pick up a drop to enjoy with your oysters on our sunny boardwalk. Whether it’s a bottle of champagne, a crisp white, or just a refreshing alcohol-free mineral water, a cool drink always makes your oyster experience all the sweeter.