Sydney Fish Market celebrates Lunar New Year: Entering the Year of the Ox

Mon 01 Feb
Sydney Fish Market celebrates Lunar New Year: Entering the Year of the Ox

As we approach the Lunar New Year, Sydney Fish Market is celebrating all things Ox, to ring in the Year of the Ox in 2021.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, those born under the sign of the Ox are dependable, strong and honest… So, in honour of this Lunar New Year, we wanted to highlight the top 5 seafood species that we consider to be the ‘old faithfuls’ of Sydney Fish Market.

Reliable, delicious, and exactly what they say on the tin, you can always rely on these species for a tasty meal!


Sydney Rock Oysters

An unbeatable classic, you can always rely on Sydney Rock Oysters to be delicious and uniformly beautiful. Did you know they were the very first aquaculture species in Australia? Available year-round, they are best enjoyed fresh, with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of black pepper.


School Prawns

One rule of thumb that you might not know when it comes to prawns is: the smaller the prawn, the sweeter the taste. Little School prawns are often deemed the sweetest of them all, and an added bonus of their petite size is that they are able to be used in a huge variety of ways.

These little nibbles are abundant on NSW’s mid-north coast, coming to Sydney Fish Market from the highly productive estuarine fisheries in that area, such as Newcastle’s Commercial Co-op and the Clarence River Co-op.


Atlantic Salmon

The most popular seafood on Australian tables almost every year, salmon is a favourite of many for its soft flesh and subtle fishy flavour. This species suits a tonne of cooking methods and cultural cuisines, making it a safe and dependable option for when you’re just not sure what to cook.



One of the most popular white fish species in Australia, flathead are perfect for battering and deep-frying for the beachside classic – fish and chips. More than 40 species of Flathead are caught in Australia, and they are also a relatively sustainable choice due to their high population numbers – bonus!



Everybody loves tuna – whether you’re eating it fresh as sashimi, or seared as a steak on the BBQ, this fish is one of the most popular for its versatility and mildness of flavour. You can always count on tuna for an easy way to get in your recommended three servings of seafood a week!