Simple and Light Spring Recipes for your Next Picnic

Tue 05 Oct
Simple and Light Spring Recipes for your Next Picnic

Picnic weather is officially upon us, and we are all trying to get outside whenever we can to soak it up.  

You might think that seafood is too difficult a picnic food, due to the need to keep it cold, but with a bit of preparation it can really take your outside gatherings to the next level. We recommend using a cooler bag, and packing in your seafood dishes in airtight containers, between two ice bricks. Alternatively, throw a plastic bag of ice cubes in on top of the container. This will keep your seafood fresh and cool until it’s time to eat; it’s a great way to keep drinks cool too!  

These recipes are light, refreshing, and easy, taking the stress out of picnic prep. 



Acidic marinades denature the protein in fish in a similar way to heat, turning the flesh opaque and softening it; this method of ‘cooking’ seafood is popular in many countries. In Central and South America it’s called ceviche, while a similar dish, often with the addition of coconut cream, is known by various names throughout the Pacific Islands, including Fijian kokoda. As the seafood isn’t actually being cooked, it is important to make sure it’s sashimi-grade, which is the freshest possible - check out delivery options here (we recommend Kingfish or Snapper). 


Flathead Pitas with Tzatziki & Cherry Tomato Salad

Pita pockets are great picnic food, as they are made to be hand-held. The one thing we would recommend is preparing the salad and Flathead separately, and putting the pockets together at your picnic, to avoid the pita becoming soggy. If you’re on a budget, you can also use Morwong or Ling in this recipe. 


Mexican Fish Picnic Pies

These clever freeform pies don’t even require a pie dish or ramekin – and the layered filling looks very attractive when they’re cut open. You can serve them hot or cold, making them ideal for a picnic hamper or as a spring snack. You can also mix up the fillings depending on your tastes. This recipe uses Silver Dory, but you can also try Ocean Jacket for a cheaper option. 


Rock Lobster & Herb Salad with Asian Dressing 

This salad, full of fresh herbs and Asian flavours, is a good way to make one Rock Lobster go further. If you’re not comfortable prepping the lobster yourself, lobster meat is also available for purchase by itself - just make sure it is Australian! We recommend bringing the dressing in a separate container, to toss through right before eating. 


Vietnamese Fresh Rice Paper Rolls (with Prawns)

Vietnamese rice paper rolls, known as goi cuon or bánh tráng, are fantastic picnic food - they are made to be eaten with your hands, and the rice paper keeps the filling fresh for a few hours. Prawns not only add a satisfying texture, but look beautiful too… Order them pre-peeled to save yourself fuss. Rice paper rolls traditionally also contain strips of cooked lean pork belly, so add some if you like.