Tue 19 Mar

Seafood Recipes To Enjoy All Easter Long

This Easter long-weekend means we've all got some much-needed time to relax up our sleeves. If you're looking to kick back, spend time with family, and enjoy some beautiful food over the next few days, we've got a recipe for every single day of the long weekend ready for you to try. While eating Easter chocolate for every meal may be tempting, you’ll want to leave room for these dishes. 

Pop down to Sydney Fish Market any time over the weekend (perhaps taking advantage of our extended trading hours on Good Friday), pick up some of Australia's freshest seafood, and use your extra leisure time to experiment in the kitchen. Ready, set, Easter! 


Good Friday 

Level up your traditional breakfast of Hot Cross Buns with one of these tasty options: 


Get a head start on Thursday by preparing some exquisite Gravlax, ensuring it's not just a treat for Good Friday brunch, but throughout the entire weekend too. Pair it with bagels, cream cheese, capers, lemon and you’re in business. It also travels really well, so you can bring it along to a family BBQ or picnic over the weekend. 

Crab Omelette 

If you prefer a hot breakfast, our crab omelette is for you. With a packet of quality Australian Crab meat in the freezer and a few eggs in the fridge, you can whip up this up in only 20 minutes. Since the Easter celebrations have officially begun, it’s only fitting to serve this with a mimosa. 


Easter Saturday 

You're going to want to keep it lazy and relaxed on Saturday, as you ease into the weekend. These  recipes don't require any cooking at all: 

Snapper Tartare with Ruby Grapefruit 

This is a fabulous introduction for people uncertain about eating raw fish, as Snapper has a mild taste and the herbs and citrus provide most of the flavour. The most important thing is to use incredibly fresh fish, which is why we recommend making this one early in the weekend, right after you've done your Good Friday shop at Sydney Fish Market. 

Cold-smoked Salmon with Dill Crème Fraîche 

It doesn’t get much simpler than this: strips of smoked Salmon and a creamy, herby spread atop crisp croutons. An easy way to use a packet of cold Smoked Salmon, these classic little nibbles are perfect for snacking on throughout the morning as you relax with a good book. 


Easter Sunday 

The traditional roast lamb is always going to be on the table on Easter Sunday, but why not add a twist to your lunch or dinner with one of these roasted fish recipes? 

Whole Threadfin Bream Baked with Oregano & Chilli 

Lucky for us - Yellowfin Bream is in its peak season over autumn, making Easter the perfect time to enjoy it as a whole roast. Purchase plate-sized fish so that they fit comfortably in your oven, and you're sorted! 

Leatherjackets with Burnt Butter & Capers 

Leatherjackets are a difficult fish to fillet because of their bone structure, but they’re one of the easiest fish to eat off the bone as the large flakes of sweet, white meat lift away easily. The combination of burnt butter and capers is guaranteed to impress the family, even the in-laws! 


Easter Monday 

You've likely got some leftovers kicking around after a weekend of festivities and relaxation. Here are two creative ways to reuse them on Easter Monday: 

Seafood & Vegetable Tempura

Make the most of your leftover seafood or vegetables by serving them as tempura. With an addictive crisp batter, you'll enjoy a homemade tempura experience that beats takeout any day. 

Prawn Fried Rice 

If you enjoyed an Easter Ham or a bucket of fresh prawns with the family over the weekend, why not transform the leftovers into a tasty Prawn Fried Rice? The kids will especially love this one.