Our Favourite Ways to Enjoy Salmon

Fri 08 Oct
Our Favourite Ways to Enjoy Salmon

Atlantic Salmon is many people’s favourite fish to eat, and it is also a major nutritional powerhouse. It is low in saturated fat, but high in protein, and is one of the best sources of vitamin B12 potassium, iron, vitamin D, and of course omega-3! These nutritional benefits help with heart and brain health, while reducing water retention, inflammation, and more. 

In celebration of World Salmon Day, we are sharing a few of our favourite ways to enjoy Atlantic Salmon, from our recipe stores, as well as some extra special recipes from Great Australian Seafood


Cold-smoked Salmon with Dill Crème Fraîche 

We are kicking off this list with a true classic, that is so simple to achieve at a dinner party or summer BBQ. It doesn’t get much simpler than strips of delicious smoked Salmon and a creamy, herby spread atop crisp croutons.  

High quality smoked salmon is available from most Sydney Fish Market retailers; look for Petuna or Huon brands. 

Crispy Skin Salmon with Crushed Sage Potatoes 

A simple pan-fried salmon fillet is a classic, easy weeknight dinner, that really lets the taste of the fresh fish shine through. This dish can also be customised according to your tastes – add chilli flakes, replace the lemon with lime, or add garlic and rosemary for a heartier winter flavour. 


Char-Grilled Salmon Kebabs & Vegetables with Lime Mayo 

Salmon is firm enough that it works beautifully threaded onto skewers for a summer barbecue. When barbecuing fish kebabs, make sure not to turn them too many times to avoid the meat falling apart on the high heat. This is a great buffet dish, served on a big platter for a barbecue or other casual gathering, but would also make a lovely and elegant entrée.  


Salmon Stir Fry with Udon Noodles 

Any classic stir-fry recipe can be elevated with the addition of some delicious Atlantic Salmon. This one uses fresh veggies and Japanese seasonings to create a rich and nutritious noodle bowl, great for an easy weeknight dinner. 


Smoked Salmon Pizza 

Liven up a classic homemade pizza with the addition of some gorgeous, nutty smoked salmon. The ricotta and rocket on this pizza cuts through the richness of the salmon to provide a deliciously balanced flavour in every bite. Get the family involved in putting their own pizzas together, so that they can customise toppings to their liking. 

Salmon Tray Bake with Roasted Veggies 

This super easy one-pan meal is great for a crowd, or at the end of a busy day. Baking is a great way to keep salmon moist and imbue it with flavour. The fillets should only take around 10-15 minutes to cook, so add them after the veggies have baked for a while to avoid overcooking.