Meet Our Behind the Scenes Tour Guide

Wed 05 May

Our Behind the Scenes Tours have been an institution at Sydney Fish Market since 2000, giving visitors an exclusive look at the workings of the biggest fresh seafood market in the southern hemisphere.

Guests on these tours learn all about our Dutch auction system, the huge range of species that pass through our auction floor, how to buy the freshest seafood in our retailers, the types of boats in our fishing fleet, and tonnes more information.

Our tours wouldn’t be as interesting and informative as they are (if you don’t believe us, just check out our TripAdvisor reviews!), without the knowledge of our resident tour guide. While there have been many over the years, our current tour guide Alex Stollznow has held the position for seven years, and has swathes of knowledge and passion to show for it.

A fisherman and cook, Alex has been fishing for most of his life, and would much rather be in his kayak than anywhere else. While his many years at Sydney Fish Market have refined his education in seafood, his interest began at the age of four, when he hooked and lost a giant stingray. His love for seafood and fishing was then further cemented when, at 13, he caught a large Mulloway.

His time at Sydney Fish Market has allowed Alex to talk to fishermen, scientists, buyers, chefs, and the public, learning as much as possible from those he encounters.

Alex presents annual lectures on sustainability and the Australian Seafood industry at Sydney University, and has made speaking appearances at the Eden Whale Festival, Love Port Stephens Seafood Festival, the Sydney Easter Show, the Maggie Beer Foundation, A Current Affair (but for something good), as well as regularly appearing on TV, Radio, and in print.

On top of this, Alex is the face of Sydney Fish Market’s educational social media videos, sharing his passion for seafood and teaching the public about where their seafood comes from, lesser-known species, and how to cook different types of seafood at home.


Check out some of Alex's best videos here!