Lunar New Year Celebrations at Sydney Fish Market

Fri 21 Jan
Lunar New Year Celebrations at Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market welcomes Sydneysiders to join in celebrating the Lunar New Year, ringing in the Year of the Tiger.

We will mark the occasion with two traditional lion dancing performances, instilling prosperity, and good luck for the year ahead to retailers and visitors. The exciting spectacle will take place at 12pm on Sunday 30th January and Tuesday 1st of February.

Visitors can also welcome the new year by dining on delicious dishes available from Sydney Fish Market retailers, or even challenge their culinary skills by purchasing from the wide variety of species available and cooking a traditional dish at home.

Sydney Fish Market Culinary Ambassador, Sean Connolly, says: “Sydney Fish Market is always buzzing during the Lunar New Year period. It’s a special time to enjoy the festivities, spend time with family and celebrate Chinese cuisine through seafood banquets and traditions.

“My favourite dishes to enjoy during Lunar New Year include steamed fish with ginger and shallot and, XO Pippies by the truckload!”

The enjoyment of food and eating together as a family plays a big part in Lunar New Year celebrations. On the traditional banquet table dishes are symbolic, with seafood playing a leading role.

At Sydney Fish Market, customers can try many traditional dishes prepared by their favourite retailer, or purchase ingredients to prepare at home. These include:


Whole Fish: A whole fish is the most important dish of any Lunar New Year celebration, symbolising surplus and wealth, and intended to welcome prosperity for the year ahead. Preparing and serving the fish whole is said to represent a good start and finish to the new year.

Most of Sydney Fish Market’s hot food retailers have multiple whole fish dishes available. Customers can even choose a fish from the fresh display and have it cooked to order. The traditional cooking method is steaming, topped with soy sauce, ginger and spring onion. Hot seasoned oil is then poured over the top, to activate the aromatics and crisp up the skin.

Steamed Scallops: During Lunar New Year celebrations, scallops are said to symbolise new opportunities, or the opening of new horizons, due to their open shells.

The traditional way to enjoy them is steamed with soy and spring onions, but there are many options available at Sydney Fish Market – grilled, steamed, sashimi, or slathered in cheese and blowtorched to perfection.

Seafood Noodles: Noodles are a key element of any Lunar New Year feast – the length of the noodles represents the longevity of one's life. Visitors to Sydney Fish Market can order their chosen hot seafood dish atop a bed of fresh noodles, with their favourite sauce to complete the dish.

Abalone: Abalone is a revered species in Chinese culture, representing good fortune for the year ahead. Traditionally, Abalone was served among families on the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year to mark the end of the holiday, but now it can be served on any day during the fifteen-day period.

Abalone is a highly sought-after ingredient, available freshly prepared at Sydney Fish Market.

Chilli Crab: Crab is a fantastic centrepiece to a Lunar New Year feast, with its bright red hue a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Mud Crab is a traditional classic and King Crab a tasty alternative.


WHAT: Lunar New Year & Lion Dancing Celebrations with Sydney Fish Market

WHEN: The Lunar New Year commences on Tuesday 1st February, with celebrations occurring for approximately two weeks.

Sydney Fish Market will host lion dance performances on:

  • Sunday 30th January – 12:00pm – 12:30pm 
  • Tuesday 1st February – 12:00pm – 1:00pm

WHERE: Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont, NSW 2009