Wed 20 Sep

How to Plan the Perfect Spring Picnic at SFM

Spring is synonymous with picnics. The weather is warm, but not too warm to luxuriate in the sun, and waterside spots like Wentworth Park and the Glebe foreshore (neighbours to Sydney Fish Market) are glittering and breezy.

All you need to do is bring a picnic rug, take a brief wander through Sydney Fish Market’s various retailers with a cooler bag or esky, and you’re all set for a late lunch in the sunshine. 

We’ve pulled together this list of our favourite picks from SFM to help you make your next springtime picnic shine. 

The Basics 

A seafood picnic wouldn’t be complete without some fresh prawns and oysters – they’re a necessity. Avoid the mess by asking your fishmonger to peel your prawns for you, or buying a pre-peeled tray (this generally only costs a few extra bucks), and grab one of the wide selection of sauces, available at every seafood retailer, to dip into.  

The options for oysters are never-ending at Sydney Fish Market… Purists will get them natural, with just a wedge of lemon on the side. There are teeny bottles of tabasco available too, if you like a little kick. But you can also find them dressed with Uni, seaweed, ponzu, and a bunch of other things, usually in the sushi section. 


The Sushi 

Speaking of sushi, the sushi options at Sydney Fish Market are so delicious and fresh, and that’s before we even get to how pretty they are. Fish Market Café’s sushi donuts are famous around the world, decidedly Insta-worthy, and add the perfect note of pizazz to your picnic.  

Looking for something more simple? Visit the Peter’s Sydney Fish Market sushi bar and check out the huge variety of nigiri and maki they have on offer; you can mix and match to create your own delicious box tailored to your preferences, and even try something new, like scallop, smoked eel, or soft-shell crab! 

Every seafood retailer has its own sashimi bar too, where you can choose your favourite fish, and have them expertly slice it to your desired thickness in front of your eyes! This is another opportunity to pick up something you’ve never tried as sashimi before… It’s not unusual to see scampi, cuttlefish, toothfish, snapper, octopus, surf clams, and calamari served as sashimi at these bars. 


The Hot Stuff 

Now you’ve got all of your fresh, cold food, it’s time to venture into the cooked seafood sections. There are way too many options in this category for us to go through them all… We’ll have a good go, but keep in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of variety and cooking styles! 

Fish Market Café, Salty Squid, Christie’s Seafood, Nicholas Seafood, and Peter’s Sydney Fish Market are all great options for hot seafood – order one of their pre-made platters, or just walk along their buffet window and add your favourites… You’ll find garlic butter lobster tails and lobster mornay; skewers of salmon, prawns, and octopus; grilled, steamed, and Aburi scallops; oysters mornay and Kilpatrick; salt and pepper squid and calamari rings; grilled, steamed, and deep-fried fish of every description; and so much more. 

If nothing in the window appeals to you, you can also choose a species from the seafood displays and ask them to cook it on the spot for you… Fresh lobster, whole fish, abalone, you name it! All retailers offer a variety of cooking styles, served with your choice of noodles, rice, salad, or chips. 


The Extras 

Many people don’t know that Sydney Fish Market is also home to a butcher, bakery, bottle shop, bubble tea shop, green grocer, and an artisanal deli! On your wanders through the market, you can grab a baguette, some fresh strawberries, a nice dip or cheese, a salad, a fruity tea, or some champagne or wine if you’re feeling fancy… adding the finishing touches to your delicious spring picnic spread.  


Then, all you have to do is head over to the luscious grass at Wentworth park, the waterside at Glebe foreshore, or our very own sunny boardwalk, and enjoy!