How to get Kids to Eat more Seafood

Mon 21 Jun
How to get Kids to Eat more Seafood

Seafood has endless health benefits, from its large amounts of protein, to its amount of healthy fats, to its high-quality vitamins and minerals. All of these things are essential for a child’s developing brain, nervous system, and vision – but how do you get them to eat it?

Children are notoriously picky, especially when it comes to seafood, which can be intimidating in smell and taste. Here are five ways to encourage your kids to get their recommended portions in, and teach them the joys of seafood eating early!


  1. Try a fish with a mild taste.

Often kids’ aversion to seafood can be due to its strong taste, and one of the most common household favourites in Australia – Atlantic Salmon – is actually one of the ‘fishiest’-tasting species on the market! When getting kids started on seafood, skip the salmon, and go for a firm, white-fleshed fish like Ling, Leatherjacket, or Flathead, all of which have a much milder flavour profile. Squid (made into calamari) is also popular with children, as long as it is cooked quickly on a high heat, and therefore is not chewy!


  1. Mould it into a fish cake.

Fish cakes can include as much or as little fish as your kids are ready for, which is perfect when trying to ease them into the wonderful world of seafood eating. And let’s be honest, frying is a sure-fire way to get kids to try something new. Combine fish with breadcrumbs, corn, and herbs, or even mashed potato, and shallow-fry the patties until golden for a delicious fishy snack. The kids can get involved with this one too, by putting their own burgers together with the patties and choosing their own toppings.


  1. Get them involved, making fish fingers, fish tacos, or seafood skewers.

If you can find a way give the kids some agency in the making of their dinner, they’re almost guaranteed to give whatever they create a try. There are endless seafood recipes that are suitable for little hands to cook… Some of our favourites are fish fingers (the crumbing process is super fun as an assembly line), fish tacos (kids love choosing and putting their own special taco together), and seafood skewers (spiking and threading the skewers through different veggies and fish is hands-on and fun).


  1. Introduce seafood alongside similar flavours.

Introducing a new flavour alongside something your children already like is a great way to ease the transition to new foods. Kids already a fan of spaghetti? Serve up a tomato-based pasta dish with diced up prawns in it instead of mince! Add some crab meat to a classic like mac and cheese, hidden in cheesy quesadillas, or as a topping on homemade pizzas!

Combining seafood with dishes the kids already know and love makes it far easier to get them on board with the new flavours.


  1. Book them into a Sydney Seafood School kids’ class.

One way to help kids get comfortable in the kitchen, as well as working with seafood, is to book them into one of Sydney Seafood School’s upcoming school holiday cooking classes. Through a range of easy, safe, and delicious lessons, Sydney Seafood School aims to encourage the next generation of young cooks on their culinary journey, getting them interested in the way their favourite foods are made.

Throughout the school holidays, kids between the ages of 7-13 years can participate in delicate dumpling making, sensational sushi roll assembly, or work on perfecting their pasta technique. Each class includes a lesson by qualified professionals, fresh ingredients sourced directly from Sydney Fish Market producers, and a take-home recipe kit and cloth apron.

If that doesn’t get the kids warmed up to seafood, we don’t know what will!