Healthy and Nutritious Seafood Recipes for the New Year

Fri 07 Jan
Healthy and Nutritious Seafood Recipes for the New Year

Many people start the New Year with a renewed vigour for healthy eating, and if you’re in that category this January, we’ve got great news – seafood is one of the most nutritious proteins available!

Seafood is an incredible source of protein, but many species have far less fat that other meats, making it a great option for those wanting to improve their nutrition this year. Depending on the species, seafood is also a fantastic way to up your intake of important vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, iodine, vitamin E, and of course the all-important omega-3’s.

On top of this, diversifying your diet is a fantastic way to stay on track with healthy eating, and the huge variety of seafood species in Australia makes branching out of your comfort zone easy and exciting.

In the spirit of ‘new year, new me’, we have gathered together some of the best seafood species to get on your plate if you’re foregrounding healthy eating this year – with accompanying recipes, of course!


White Fish

White fish almost always has just as much protein as meat, with much less fat. Some of the best options available in Australia are Whiting (King George on the more expensive end of the spectrum, Eastern School if you’re on a budget), Snapper (New Zealand consistently sends Sydney Fish Market stunning specimens), and Flathead (Tiger Flathead is ubiquitous and delicious).

Try these healthy recipes:


Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout

Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout are two species that come absolutely top of the class in omega-3 content, and they are also a fantastic source of Vitamin B3 (niacin), which helps lower cholesterol and boost brain function. Sold whole, as fillets, and smoked, the options are endless with these fish – throw them in a frittata for breakfast, pop them on crackers for a snack, or toss them through a salad for a midday protein boost.

Delicious recipe ideas below:



You’ve definitely heard us rave about the health benefits of sardines before, and for good reason – they are a sorely underappreciated species in Australia when it comes to flavour and nutrition! Australian Sardines are one of the richest sources of omega 3 oils on the planet! They pack a protein punch for such a small fish, with 20.8 grams of protein per 100g of fish. And on top of that, they contain high levels of calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, potassium, and niacin.

At Sydney Fish Market retailers, you can consistently find whole Australian Sardines available for under $10 per kilo, which makes them one of the most affordable whole fish available.

Learn how to cook this amazing species using these recipes:


Crab and Lobster

Many people don’t know that crustaceans provide more protein per serving than finfish – and they have far less fat too. The light, sweet flesh of Crab and Lobster are extremely versatile to cook with, and are the ideal lighter substitute for chicken. One of our favourite tricks is to keep a bag of high-quality Australian crab meat in the freezer. Then, all you have to do to add an extra punch of protein to your diet is thaw it and toss it through your favourite pasta or salad.

Try Crustaceans in these recipes this year:


Squid and Octopus

While us Aussies will most often see Squid battered and deep-fried, there are much healthier ways to consume cephalopods, and they are extremely nutritious when prepared correctly! Squid and Octopus are essential sources of amino acids, which help provide the necessary building blocks for protein growth and development. Plus, like many seafood species, they provide a lot of protein without a lot of fat.

Here are some of our favourite cephalopod recipes: