Get Cooking in Lockdown with Sydney Fish Market’s Fresh Produce!

Wed 30 Jun
Get Cooking in Lockdown with Sydney Fish Market’s Fresh Produce!

We may not be able to enjoy Sydney Fish Market’s delicious dine-in options while in lockdown, but that won’t stop Sydneysiders from enjoying Australia’s freshest seafood. The extra time at home that lockdown gives us is a great opportunity to try something new in the kitchen, and we have all the essentials you need to get cooking.

Fresh seafood is available at Sydney Fish Market (which remains open as an essential service), or for delivery direct from SFM retailers (ordering details here), and we have a huge selection of delicious recipes available on our website. Here are some of our top lockdown recipe recommendations, with ingredients linked to save you time searching!


Honey Soy Prawns

Have some green King Prawns delivered from Nicholas Seafood (order here), and make our easy and delicious honey soy prawn stir fry for a quick weeknight dinner. All you need is some capsicum, spring onion, ginger, garlic, honey, soy sauce, and rice to be served alongside – all of which can be ordered online for next-day delivery from our on-site greengrocer, Parisi Waterside Fruit Connection. Our resident seafood expert Alex runs you through the method in this video.


Pan-Fried King George Whiting Fillets with Mushrooms and Asparagus

This delicious Sydney Seafood School recipe uses Whiting, which is a species whose many varieties thrive in winter (watch this video from Alex to learn more about them!). King George Whiting is widely considered the best of all the sweet, delicate Whiting species. It’s larger than other Whiting and mainly caught in Victoria and South Australia. However, the delicate flavours in this dish will work well with any Whiting species.

You can get King George Whiting delivered to your door fresh from Peter’s Sydney Fish Market… And then all it takes is some seasonal veg to make a stunning and hearty winter dinner.

Oysters with Shallot Vinaigrette

If lockdown isn’t the perfect time to treat yourself, we don’t know what is! So grab a tray of fresh oysters from Claudio’s Seafood (who are offering free delivery during lockdown!), and whip up this classic dressing: a vinaigrette flavoured with shallot.

Use a mild, slightly sweet, white vinegar (like this one available for delivery from Blackwattle Deli), as a stronger vinegar will overpower the delicate flavour of the oysters.

Tuna Baked in Paper Parcels

Tuna steaks are on special right now via De Costi Seafoods’ home delivery service, GetFish… Making now the perfect time to cook this delicious Sydney Seafood School recipe. This is a great dish for being stuck at home, as these parcels can be prepared several hours ahead of time, then removed from the fridge 30 minutes before you’re ready to cook them. Opening up the parcels on a cold day is so satisfying, releasing a delicious aroma of basil.


Lockdown is a great opportunity to try something new in the kitchen, like ceviche! Acidic marinades denature the protein in fish in a similar way to heat, turning the flesh opaque and softening it; this method of ‘cooking’ seafood is popular in many countries. In Central and South America it’s called ceviche, while a similar dish, often with the addition of coconut cream, is known by various names throughout the Pacific Islands, including Fijian kokoda.

As the seafood isn’t actually being cooked, it is important to make sure it’s sashimi-grade, which is the freshest possible. Nicholas Seafoods has a whole sashimi section on their website, and they’re offering free next day delivery right now!


Get cooking with Australia’s freshest seafood during lockdown, and share your creations with us on Facebook and Instagram!