Thu 16 Nov

Five Ways to Eat Rock Lobster at SFM

Last Christmas saw the prices of some Rock Lobster species drop, transitioning them from a once-in-a-lifetime delicacy to a much more accessible treat. Sydney Fish Market is, of course, your one stop shop for all things seafood, but many people don’t know about the sheer amount of options our retailers provide for each different species… 

Today we’re running you through five ways to enjoy Rock Lobster at Sydney Fish Market, so you can try this coveted species in your favourite cooking style! 

Live, and cooked to order

Many of our retailers, including Christie’s, Nicholas, The Boatshed, and Peter’s, allow you to choose a lobster from their live tanks, and have it cooked fresh to order! You can pick your cooking style and flavours too, with options including Ginger and Shallot, Salt and Pepper, Garlic Butter, Singapore Chilli, Oyster Sauce, and XO sauce. Served with noodles or fresh vegetables, this style is great for sharing with a few friends, as the portions are extremely generous! 


Lobster Rolls from Peters’ Aburi Bar

The Aburi Bar at Peters is super popular with visitors, providing freshly blowtorched snacks like cheesy Aburi scallops, eel skewers, grilled salmon, and a new addition: lobster rolls! Featuring mouth-watering lobster meat on a brioche bun, with melted cheese and fresh fish eggs on top, you can’t go past these rolls for a quick bite as you’re wandering our retailers.  Fun fact: The Boatshed have recently introduced their own version of the lobster roll! Try their one if you want more mayo, less cheese.


Lobster Spaghetti

The Boatshed Pyrmont recently added a showstopping Rock Lobster spaghetti to their menu, and we can confirm that it's delicious. They use Lobster from the live tanks, so this is as fresh as it gets.


Lobster Mornay

Cheese-lovers can’t go past a Lobster Mornay from one of our hot food retailers… Whoever thought of combining perfectly cooked lobster with a molten blanket of melted cheese deserves a medal. You’ll normally be served half of a small lobster in this dish, making it the perfect size for one, and allowing you to leave plenty of room for the other delicious treats you’ll find at the market.  


Lobster Tails with Garlic Butter

The name of this dish alone will make your mouth water. Don’t miss adding lobster tails in garlic butter to your lunchtime seafood platter – they are meltingly delicious, scattered with fresh herbs, and always super fresh. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full half-lobster, the tails are a smaller and cheaper option that will still hit the spot.