Five Impressive Seafood Dishes to Cook for Mum this Weekend

Thu 05 May

Mothers are some of the most special people in the world, and we all know that they deserve the best. One of the best ways to show Mum your love this upcoming Mother's Day is to cook her a delicious meal, and if she likes seafood, you're in luck! There are so many fantastic species in season at the moment, and endless tasty ways to cook them. 

Of course, your Mum deserves the best, so we've only chosen our fanciest, most decadent seafood meals for this list of five dishes to cook for Mother's Day. 


Sole Meunier

Few cultural cuisines are more decadent than the French, and this classically French sauce is a fantastic way to serve flatfish. Something cooked à la meunière (literally ‘in the style of the miller’s wife’) is dredged in flour before being fried… as the miller’s wife always had plenty of flour on hand! 

A huge range of species can be cooked using this recipe, including Black Sole, John Dory, Flounder, Lemon Tongue Sole, Mirror Dory, Sand Flounder, and Yellowbelly Flounder. Boiled potatoes or plenty of crusty bread are great ways to soak up all the delicious nutty brown butter. 


Tuna Tartare

What could be fancier than Tuna Tartare? Transport Mum to a five-star restaurant with this fantastic raw fish dish, which is bursting with fresh herbs and salty capers. This dish would work beautifully as a canape, to be enjoyed with a glass of wine while you finalise Mum's main course.  


Seared Tuna with Rocket & Potato Salad

If you really want to impress Mum with your plating skills, this dish is guaranteed to look stunning every time, thanks to Tuna's jewel-like colour. Of course, you can leave the Tuna in the pan for longer if you prefer more of a cooked texture… but you will lose the rich ruby colour. The tangle of rocket salad on top completes the restaurant-quality picture. 


Garlic Baked Redclaws

Crustaceans like Lobster, Marron, and Redclaws always take a seafood meal to the next level. This recipe is essentially a deliciously decadent take on garlic prawns. It’s quick and easy, meaning you can impress Mum even if you're not exactly a kitchen whiz! You can even have your fishmonger prep the Redclaws for you, by cutting them in half. 


Prawn Ravioli with Citrus Dressing

While certainly not traditional, egg wonton wrappers can be used to make a quick ravioli when you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own fresh pasta, and this ridiculously easy prawn version is a real showstopper. 

Prawns are readily available at every grocery store (frozen prawns are perfectly okay, as long as they’re Australian), making this a truly perfect last-minute creation that looks far more impressive than the effort it requires! 

Sydney Seafood School also recently created a video version of this recipe: click here to watch.