Cook and Win with Kikkoman winners announced!

Mon 02 Nov
Cook and Win with Kikkoman winners announced!

Our competition with Kikkoman sauces received some fantastic entries last month. We were thrilled to see so many sea-foodies combining Kikkoman soy sauce and Australia’s freshest seafood in creative ways. Here are some of the highlights!

Runner up: $20 SFM Voucher
Alison L. knows how versatile Kikkoman sauces can be. She submitted this gorgeous pic of whole fish, with the top tip: 

Kikkoman soy sauce can be used in so many different ways! My tip for cooking with Aussie seafood is don't be afraid to experiment! New and amazing flavours are at your fingertips! 


Runner up: $20 SFM Voucher
Clare M. is a Sydney Fish Market regular, and she’s got an awesome tip on how to cook an Aussie favourite, Snapper, with Kikkoman:

Head to Sydney fish market on the weekend, pick up some freshly-caught local snapper, marinate with Kikkoman soy sauce, ginger, garlic, spring onion & chilli for 30 minutes-1 hour (white flakey fish only needs a short marinating time!) BBQ & enjoy with extra soy sauce for dipping!


Runner up: $50 SFM Voucher
Po Wan K. showcases a super traditional and easy way to cook whole fish – steaming, and topped with soy sauce and plenty of fresh herbs:

The best Aussie seafood paired with the best quality of soy sauce Kikkoman. This natural brewing of soy sauce, enhances the flavour, freshness and sweetness of Aussie seafood. Simply added that on the top of the stream snapper. Oishī.


Winner: $500 prize pack!
Siobhan F. presented an exciting twist on a common combo in the world of Kikkoman and seafood. This soy-marinated Salmon is dressed up with a bunch of flavours, including an almond crust. We love the creativity and simplicity of this dish. Read Siobhan’s top tip for cooking with seafood and Kikkoman here:

Kikkoman soy sauce makes Aussie seafood ‘soy succulent’! Almond crusted salmon, marinated in Kikkoman soy sauce with honey, ginger and garlic which was also cooked down to a delicious sticky glaze and drizzled over the top to finish off a soy sensational seafood dish! Quality soy makes all the difference!