5 Ways to Enjoy Crab at Sydney Fish Market

Thu 11 Nov
5 Ways to Enjoy Crab at Sydney Fish Market

For many, crab can be an intimidating species to cook at home… Understandably, less-experienced cooks, or those short on time, prefer to leave the preparation of hard-shelled crustaceans like crab to the experts. 

Sydney Fish Market is, of course, your one stop shop for all things seafood, but many people don’t know about the sheer amount of options our retailers provide for each different species… So today, we’ve gathered our top 5 ways to enjoy crab at our retailers, so you know exactly what the options are when you come to visit! 


Singapore Chilli Crab 

This famous street-style dish is iconic for a reason – it’s spicy, rich, decadent, and satisfyingly messy. It is traditionally cooked using live Mud Crab, which can make it difficult for less-experienced chefs to pull off at home.  

The good news is that Singapore Chilli Crab is available at most of Sydney Fish Market’s hot food retailers! They will grab a fresh crab straight out of their live tanks for you, and cook it expertly in a thick, spicy tomato sauce for you to dig into with your hands. Remember to grab some napkins! 


Fried Soft-Shell Crab 

Soft shell crabs are crabs that are in the process of shedding their shells as they grow a new, larger shell. When deep fried in a perfectly crunchy and light beer batter, they make for an absolutely stunning bite, every time. Add some to your favourite seafood platter next time you visit, and you won’t be disappointed. 


Soft-Shell Crab Burger 

What could be better than some crunchy soft-shell crab? Soft-shell crab in a burger, of course! The Salty Squid at Sydney Fish Market serves up a range of different seafood burgers, including a panko-crumbed Barramundi burger… But best of all is their soft-shell crab burger, which combines crab in crunchy batter on a soft milk bun, with crispy iceberg lettuce and aioli. Delicious! 


Crab and Noodles: Cooked to Order 

Peruse the live tanks at your favourite retailer, choose your favourite crab (or lobster!), and ask the expert chefs there to cook it up for you in your favourite style. They can stir-fry, steam, or deep-fry your selection in a huge range of sauces, including ginger shallot, garlic butter, black pepper, black bean, XO, tomato and garlic, and of course Singapore chilli. 

Served on a bed of fragrant noodles or vegetables, these dishes are big enough to feed a crowd, and a fantastic way to acquaint yourself with crustaceans. 

Steamed Blue Swimmer Crab 

Blue Swimmer Crabs have a sweet, fresh taste that is highlighted beautifully by a gentle steaming. Hot seafood retailers at Sydney Fish Market serves up a delicious selection of steamed seafood from the wok, including whole fish, giant Pacific Oysters, and whole King Prawns. One of the best dishes from this part of the menu is steamed Blue Swimmer Crab, served with warm steamed rice and a flavourful ginger and shallot sauce. 

Don’t miss this one if you pop by this spring!