Tue 12 Mar

5 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Prawns at Sydney Fish Market

Prawns will always be an Aussie favourite. Peeled at the table at Christmas lunch, thrown on the BBQ on a summer’s day, or tossed through a salad, they make the perfect snack at any time of year.  

And this Saturday March 16th is the perfect opportunity to celebrate them: National Prawn Day! Tassal will be hosting prawn peeling competitions and a range of other fun activities on site for the occasion. For more info on that, click here.

While you're enjoying the festivities, here are 5 ways to enjoy prawns at our retailers: 

Freshly Peeled on the Boardwalk 

All of Sydney Fish Market’s fresh seafood retailers have a huge range of prawns available for purchase by the kilogram.  

Fun fact: a good portion of prawns caught in Australian fisheries are cooked out to sea by the fishermen who caught them, before being sent to market. This not only ensures that the prawns are kept as fresh as possible when being transported long distances, but also makes it extremely easy to eat them on site! 

Grab some cooked Tiger, King, Banana, or School Prawns from one of the many fresh fish displays, choose a delicious dipping sauce, and take your haul out onto our sunny boardwalk to peel and enjoy. 

Prawn Skewers 

The offerings at Sydney Fish Market’s hot food retailers are near endless… And prawns feature heavily on every menu. Skewers are a great way to mix and match different types of seafood at these retailers (they’ve got squid, octopus, and fish too!), and they also make it easy to eat your seafood selection on the go. 

Whether you choose a giant chilli and garlic prawn, five smaller prawns skewered and grilled to perfection in garlic butter, or a mixed kebab of salmon and prawns, skewers are a delicious way to enjoy this species at our hot food retailers. 

Prawn Pasta 

Bet you didn’t know that you can get a bougie, restaurant-quality prawn pasta at Sydney Fish Market.  

Our newest retailer, The Boatshed Pyrmont, has got a menu stacked with delicious prawn dishes, but our pick is this Creamy Prawn Linguine, which features a decadent white wine and cream sauce, cherry tomatoes, and extra-large Australian prawns. Simple, but stunning. 

Your Choice of Prawns (Cooked to Order) 

One of the lesser-known offerings of Sydney Fish Market’s hot food retailers is their ability to cook your fresh seafood to order. This means that if you see something you like in the fresh fish section, you can purchase it and have it sent straight to that retailer’s kitchen to be cooked using whatever method, seasonings, and sauces you choose! It doesn’t get much fresher than that. 
For this delicious option, choose your favourite prawns from the window (or ask the fishmonger which type is freshest that day) and pick your sauce. Most retailers have a huge range, including Ginger Shallot, Singapore Chilli, Garlic Butter, XO Sauce, and Szechuan Spicy. You can also choose whether you would like your selection fried or steamed! So good. 

Deep Fried School Prawns 

School Prawns are one of the best things to have cooked to order from Sydney Fish Market retailers. Order half a kilogram from the fresh display and ask the expert chefs to deep fry them with Chilli Salt. Served on a platter with a squeeze of lime, every part of these little prawns is as crunchy as a potato chip, meaning they can be eaten whole – head, legs, shell, and all! 

A little more adventurous? Maybe. Delicious? Always!