Fri 02 Feb

5 Romantic Dishes to Eat at Sydney Fish Market this Valentine's Day

Going out to a nice restaurant is a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day... but, if you're a little more casual, bringing your date to Sydney Fish Market is a fantastic way to enjoy delicious, restaurant-quality food without all the pomp. 

Wandering through our retailers, gathering a delicious seafood spread, and heading out to our sunny boardwalk to enjoy your spoils by the water... Now that's romance! 

Here are the top 5 dishes from our retailers that we think are perfect for Valentine's Day. 


Oysters, Cheese, and Champagne 

Get fancy and enjoy an oyster and cheese platter in the sunshine, with optional bubbles!  

Take your pick of the fresh oysters at our retailers (we recommend speaking to the shucker to find out the pick of the day), then head to Blackwattle Deli to explore their range of cheeses and charcuterie. Don't worry, they have pre-made selection boxes if you can't choose!  

Finally, pop into our on-site bottle shop Fisherman's Fine Wines and grab a bottle of champagne to take your nibbles to the next level. 


Chocolate-dipped Strawberries 

There is so much more than just seafood available at Sydney Fish Market; our on-site greengrocer Fruitezy has a huge range of chocolate-dipped fruit on offer!  

Strawberries are of course the classically romantic choice, but we recommend checking out the mango, bananas, and watermelon too. They'll also make you a fresh juice or smoothie to order – perfect on a warm day. 


Lobster Noodles 

Not only is lobster one of the most decadent and luxurious species in the sea, but pairing it with noodles gives the eating experience a real 'Lady and the Tramp' feel.  

This is a little-known offering at Sydney Fish Market because it often doesn't appear on the retailers' menus – you have to know to ask for it! Here's the trick: just tell the hot food counter you'd like a lobster cooked to order, and they'll fill you in on the myriad sauce options and cooking styles. 


Fresh Prawns with Dipping Sauce 

You can't go wrong with a kilo of fresh prawns, by itself or in combination with the other options on this list. To top them off, we definitely recommend picking up a tasty dipping sauce; our retailers have a whole bunch of options available. If you'd rather not get fishy fingers, you can ask for your purchase to be peeled for a nominal extra fee.


Pick and Mix Seafood Platter 

A big part of enjoying a meal with your special someone is sharing, and we think the best way to make sure you both get a chance to try everything is by creating your own seafood platter. Take a stroll together along the hot food window and check out the options, then get your selection of scallops, calamari, prawn skewers, fish, octopus, lobster, oyster mornay, soft-shell crab, and (of course) fresh chips onto a share plate! 

We always think getting a mixture of hot and cold seafood is a winner on a summer's day, so don't forget to check out the sushi and sashimi counters too!