Become an SFM Buyer

Benefits of Buying at Auction

As the largest seafood market in the southern hemisphere, Sydney Fish Market offers the greatest range of seafood from NSW, Australia and overseas; in fact on any one day our buyers have access to over 100 different species.

All the seafood we sell is backed by best practice food safety and HACCP Quality Assurance to maximise and maintain quality and shelf-life, while our mechanisms of sale, including our Dutch auction, ensures buyers get it at a fair market price.

Sydney Fish Market’s Dutch auction and dual trading clocks also ensures a fast auction process (over 1000 crates an hour) enabling buyers to get back to their businesses quickly.

Additional on-site benefits include access to contract filleters so product can be processed before returning to buyers’ stores and loading facilities allowing buyers to load their product quickly and efficiently.

Our sustainability principles and best practice through-chain traceability guarantees all product we trade has been sourced responsibly to help ensure a seafood supply for generations to come. 

Three Easy Steps To Becoming A Buyer


Register as a buyer

Telephone SFM's Credit Office between 6.30am - 2.30pm Monday to Friday on +61 2 9004 1125 or email

First you will need to complete an application form.  If you apply for a seven day account you will be asked to provide security (cash or bank guarantee) and your credit status will be checked.  If you prefer you can open a cash account (registration fee applies) which involves paying in full for your purchases each day. Payment must be made in cash before product is removed from the auction floor.


Find out about the Sydney Fish Market's computerised Dutch auction clock system.

The Credit Office will explain how the auction works. They will provide information on the Market's rules and conditions and how to buy at the auction.


Attend an auction

Visit SFM and watch the auction proceedings at least once before you begin to bid. If you would like a member of SFM staff to explain the auction and show you around, contact the Credit Office on +61 2 9004 1125 or fax +61 2 9004 1177 or email


At Sydney Fish Market, we can put you in touch with a registered buyer who may be willing to purchase seafood on your behalf. For more information, please call
+61 2 9004 1125.