Our Environment

Sydney Fish Market (SFM) is proud to be Australia’s Home of Seafood and wholeheartedly embraces the responsibilities that come with being a leader in the seafood industry – an industry which operates in an environment that is dominated by growing demand for quality seafood for health, lifestyle and business reasons, and by local and global concerns for the sustainability of seafood resources and of aquatic environments. As hosts of the largest seafood auction in the southern hemisphere and managers of a site which attracts more than 2 million visitors a year, we actively seek to both minimise the impact of our activities and operations, while supporting and promoting sustainable practices at every stage of the seafood supply chain.

SFM promotes the availability of, and trade in, quality seafood that comes from ecologically sustainable wild fisheries and environmental best practice aquaculture. We support and encourage responsible fishing practices, environmentally responsible farming practices and responsible fisheries management based on rigorous and sound science.

This commitment is brought to bear all along the supply chain. We purchase quota for undervalued species and lease it back to local fishers. We’ve implemented sourcing principles to support species-specific sustainability, resource management and assist in eliminating illegal fishing activity, and we support improved fishing practices which minimise impact and undesired by-catch.  We ensure compliance with our environmental and sustainability principles by maintaining a best-practice through-chain traceability system which includes regular auditing of compliance with all components of that system.

In addition, we promote and support rigorous scientific research into the sustainability of fisheries, including partnering OceanWatch Australia (OWA) in its work with seafood suppliers to protect aquatic habitats and eliminate any undesirable environmental impacts of commercial fishing.

We engage with key stakeholders and environmental non-government organisations to develop a common understanding of the issues facing the industry, and we work with peak bodies, research organisations and government, to give the commercial fishing sector a voice on important matters. We keep the public informed on the facts and fallacies around seafood and sustainability. Through this engagement, we help to ensure that Australia’s fisheries remain among the best managed in the world.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement in the prevention of pollution and the environmental sustainability of all our business and onsite activities, and meet or exceed all requirements of relevant environmental legislation and regulations. As hosts of the largest seafood auction in the southern hemisphere and managers of a site which attracts more than 2 million visitors a year, we actively seek to minimise water run-off from the site and maximise the recycling of paper, plastics and fish waste.

We work with industry bodies, governments, business partners and others to progress best practice environmental management and sustainable practice across the entire seafood industry, at every stage of seafood production. Our certification to ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System, ISO 14064 - Greenhouse Gas Verification System and AS/NZS 4801 - Safety Management System are key examples of our commitment to continual improvement and willingness to submit our processes to independent external review.

Through targeted training and communication programs, we ensure that all employees, tenants, contractors, suppliers (including local fishermen) and wholesale buyers understand the importance of incorporating environmental best practice into all appropriate business activities. We actively support innovation by our fishers, tenants and small business customers to ensure the longevity of seafood supply and of their businesses, so Australians can continue to enjoy fresh seafood for generations to come.

Carbon Neutral Status Achieved

Sydney Fish Market partnered with Qantas in 2018 to achieve carbon neutral status and improve fish habitat through a combined effort to establish blue carbon markets in Australia.  Blue carbon is carbon captured by the world's ocean and coastal ecosystems.

SFM has opted to invest in a carbon offset project that is helping improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef. The project is regenerating and replanting areas of native rainforest along creeks and rivers, preventing pollutants from flowing into the Reef’s waters.

SFM will also contribute to offset projects in the North Kimberley that are improving the health of the land and helping prevent uncontrolled wildfires. Through the projects, Indigenous rangers use Right Way fire – cool fire that burns slowly and is not destructive like wildfire – to prevent uncontrolled wildfires and avoid the associated release of carbon emissions.

More information about the Qantas Future Planet Program can be found HERE