Corporate Social Responsibility

Sydney Fish Market (SFM) is proud to be Australia’s Home of Seafood and wholeheartedly embraces the corporate and social responsibilities that come with being a leader in the seafood industry.  

Sustainable Seafood Supply

SFM is committed to ensuring a sustainable supply of seafood for future generations, so we support and encourage responsible fishing practices, environmentally responsible farming practices and responsible fisheries management based on rigorous and sound science.

This commitment to the ongoing viability of the Australian seafood industry is brought to bear all along the supply chain, from purchasing quota for underutilised species and leasing it back to local fishers to the implementation of sourcing principles. These activities are backed by robust up- and down- chain traceability, to support species-specific sustainability and resource management, and assist in eliminating illegal fishing activity.

We support responsible fishing practices, which minimise impact and unwanted bycatch, and we engage with key stakeholders and environmental non government organisations to develop a common understanding of the issues facing the industry.

Additionally, we work with peak bodies, research organisations and government, to give the commercial fishing sector a voice on important issues, to keep the public informed on the facts and fallacies around seafood and sustainability, and to help ensure that Australia’s fisheries remain among the best managed in the world.

Innovation & Continual Improvement

As a leader in the Australian seafood industry, SFM is committed to innovation, and to the continual improvement of processes and practices across every aspect of our business.

We maintain international Food Safety Management Systems Standards, and we’re the first company to be accredited to the Australian Seafood Standard. 

Along with our onsite retailers, we were the first to be licensed under the Australian Fish Names Standard, ensuring accurate product labelling for consumers.

We’re pioneers in best practice food safety handling, and continue to advance a seafood Quality Index to help assess the freshness, quality and shelf life of seafood – benefitting industry, retailers and consumers.  

We’ve introduced through-chain traceability, and continue to develop initiatives to ensure the sustainable management of fisheries resources and to maximise the potential of saleable product.

Our pursuit of continual improvement extends to efforts to minimise wastage across the Sydney Fish Market site, and to reduce our water and electricity consumption, as well as our greenhouse gas emissions.

We already recycle around 125,000 polystyrene boxes per year, rescuing nearly seventy tonnes from landfill annually.

In addition to these efforts, we actively support innovation by our fishers, tenants and small business customers to ensure the longevity of their businesses, and of seafood supply, so that future generations can continue to enjoy delicious, fresh Australian seafood.

Sound Environmental Management

SFM is dedicated to continuous improvement in the environmental sustainability of all of our activities, and the prevention of pollution.

We are certified to the international environmental management standard and undertake annual verification of our greenhouse gas emissions inventory. We adhere to a Waste Management Plan to minimise the impact of our on-site activities and maximise the recycling, repurposing and re-use of all consumables. This commitment ensures that no opportunity for reduction in waste from our operations remains unexplored.

Improvements in equipment and practices have significantly reduced the onsite consumption of both water and electricity, and we already recycle 125,000 polystyrene boxes per year, rescuing nearly seventy tonnes from landfill annually. 

In addition to these on-site initiatives, we continue to work with industry bodies, governments, business partners and others to progress best practice environmental management and sustainable practice across the entire seafood industry, at every stage of seafood production.

People & Community

Underpinning SFM’s commitment to the ongoing sustainability and viability of the Australian seafood industry, is an equally firm commitment to the many individuals and businesses that are part of it.

This includes our tenants, who operate on-site wholesale and retail seafood operations, and provide vital industry-specific services. It also includes our staff, whose work brings the Auction, the site, and our broader industry activities, to life every day. Together, their efforts create the unique, vibrant atmosphere the Market is renowned for, and contribute significantly to the industry as a whole.

Our market is the lifeblood for fishers and aquaculturalists in more than 300 regional communities across Australia, who sell through our wholesale auction or retail outlets, as well as for the many small businesses, retailers and restaurants which rely upon us for supply.

We actively support them through initiatives which inject value back into their communities, including local area promotions, and the purchase and leasing of fishing quota.

This support extends to our mechanisms of sale and activity, including our dutch auction which ensures fair market prices are attained at sale, backed by a guaranteed seven day payment system.

We’ve also developed best practice seafood handling and quality systems to ensure they maximise their returns from their harvest or seafood purchases. 

Additionally, we support these communities by working with peak bodies, environmental non government organisations, research organisations and government, to make sure the industry’s interests are represented, and its voice is heard, on important issues, both in the media and behind the scenes. 

We’re proud to work with, support and represent these individuals, businesses and communities, who share our commitment to the development of ecologically sustainable fisheries, and a viable future for the Australian seafood industry.

Safe & Nutritious Seafood

Sydney Fish Market is committed to making quality, fresh and sustainable seafood accessible and attractive to consumers, and in so doing, to promote its consumption. 

We have best practice quality assurance systems in place, which are subjected to regular audits against accredited food safety standards.
Our rigorous supply chain traceability system ensures that any seafood we sell can be traced back to its source, giving consumers confidence that the seafood they purchase  has been sourced from a sustainable, viable fishery in an environmentally responsible way. 

We champion the health benefits of a diet rich in seafood, and educate consumers on its safe storage and preparation through our onsite, on-line and on-the-road services and activities.

We run tours of our wholesale auction so people can find out where their seafood comes from and understand the lengths we go to ensure it’s safe and of the highest quality.

At Sydney Seafood School, we offer a huge range of hands-on cooking classes so they can learn how to cook it. 

This commitment to the provision of safe and nutritious seafood is what our reputation as Australia’s Home of Seafood is built on.  

It’s what drives us to seek improvement in everything we do, every day, and it’s what drives our passion for Australian seafood, and a viable, sustainable Australian seafood industry.