Health and Safety FAQs


What is happening in NSW to control Ciguatera?

Sydney Fish Market has strict guidelines in place to restrict potentially contaminated fish from being sold at the wholesale auction.   The restrictions include rejection of potentially contaminated fish from prohibited supply regions and the introduction of maximum size limits for some tropical reef fish.  Since implementing these guidelines about five years ago, no known cases of Ciguatera from fish sold through Sydney Fish Market have been reported. A copy of these guidelines can be downloaded in PDF format >

To assist in controlling Ciguatera in commercial fish, the NSW Food Authority has provided the seafood industry with guidelines as part of their Food Safety Programs.

Fishers have been advised to avoid landing large Mackerel caught north of Cape Bryon. In addition, the NSW Food Authority has provided the same information to seafood processors. The guidelines include:

  • Rejecting those species known to be associated with Ciguatera;
  • Rejecting other species based on the catch location and size.