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Hand Rolled Sushi Cones (Temaki-zushi)

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This type of sushi is great fun for parties - it's also easy for the host as all the preparation can be done ahead of time and the rice and other ingredients laid out and covered with plastic wrap until needed. Cut filling into thin strips, otherwise you risk overfilling the cones making them hard to shape. If guests are making their own cones, provide each one with a finger bowl and hand towel. The sushi should be eaten as soon as it’s made otherwise the nori softens and the cones lose their shape.


Makes 16 pieces

8 sheets toasted nori (see notes)
3 cups prepared sushi rice
Wasabi paste, to taste
½ avocado, cut into 16 thin strips
½ Lebanese cucumber, seeded and cut into 16 thin strips
16 thin strips pickled daikon (about 8cm long and 1cm wide)
8 cooked prawns, peeled, halved lengthways and deveined
Japanese mayonnaise, to taste (see notes)
4 tablespoons salmon roe
Japanese soy sauce, for serving

Fill a finger bowl with cold water. Fold a sheet of nori in half parallel with the lines on it, unfold and cut in half along the fold mark. Repeat with remaining sheets. 

Place a half sheet of nori horizontally on a chopping board, shiny-side down. Dip the fingers of your right hand into the water, shaking off the excess; this stops the rice sticking to your fingers. Pick up about 1½ tablespoons of rice and spread it in a diagonal strip from the top left corner to the middle of the bottom edge.

Using a finger, smear a little wasabi along the rice, then top with a strip each of avocado, cucumber and daikon, a piece of prawn and a squeeze of mayonnaise.

Fold the left bottom corner of the nori over the filling then roll into a cone-shape. Fold the tip under to secure. Top with a teaspoon of salmon roe. 

Repeat with remaining ingredients and serve with soy sauce on the side.


Nori is dried seaweed; it’s usually sold toasted (yaki-nori) in packs of 10 sheets in Asian grocery stores and some supermarkets. Japanese mayonnaise is available in squeeze bottles, under the Kewpie brand, in Asian grocery stores and some delicatessens and supermarkets, if unavailable use a whole-egg mayonnaise such as Paul Newman’s own, which you can put in a squeeze bottle for easier use.

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