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Learn about the following cooking styles. Most species lend themselves to a wide variety of cooking styles and, with a little guidance, seafood is one of the easiest foods to cook - so feel free to experiment....and enjoy! Select a recipe from the list.


Stir-Fried Cuttlefish, Asparagus & Oyster Mushrooms with Noodles



Stir-frying is one of the quickest and tastiest ways to cook. Everything gets cooked in the one pan, seafood, vegetables, noodles and sauce, which makes washing up a breeze too!


Serves 2

375g cuttlefish, cleaned
400g Hokkien noodles
¼ cup peanut oil
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 tablespoon finely grated ginger
130g snow peas, halved
1 bunch green asparagus, thinly sliced diagonally (see notes)
½ cup water chestnuts, sliced
180g oyster mushrooms, halved
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 tablespoon light soy sauce
2 tablespoons shao xing (see notes)
1 tablespoon sesame oil
3 green onions, thinly sliced diagonally

Score the inside of the cuttlefish hood with angled cuts, turn and repeat so that the cuts form a crosshatched pattern. Slice the hood into strips.

Place the noodles in a bowl and pour over boiling water. Allow to stand for 3-4 minutes then drain well.

Heat a wok over a high heat. Add the oil then the cuttlefish and stir-fry for about 1 minute, until it just turns opaque. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the garlic and ginger, cook for 30 seconds then add the snow peas, asparagus, water chestnuts and mushrooms. Cook for 1 minute, then add the oyster sauce, soy, shao xing and sesame oil. Add the noodles and stir to coat well in the sauce. Stir in the cuttlefish. Tip onto a serving platter and top with green onions and serve immediately.


If asparagus is thick and woody, discard the woody bottom section and peel the spears with a potato peeler. Shao xing is Chinese cooking wine, available from Asian grocery stores.

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