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Love Seafood, Love Port Stephens

In response to the Williamtown contamination issue, SFM made a $10,000 contribution from an emergency relief fund towards a promotional campaign to enhance the reputation of seafood from Port Stephens and the Newcastle area. The initial contribution instigated an additional $10,000 contribution from Commercial Fishermen’s Co-Operative, $10,000 from New South Wales Premier and Cabinet and $5,000 from New South Wales Department of Primary Industries and in-kind support from Port Stephens Council.    

A series of videos featuring local fishers, oyster farmers and chefs have been produced and are available to view and share at www.portstephens.org.au/seafood. Since launching the campaign in March, the videos shared on Facebook have exceeded a combined 91,000 views and over 2,000 views on YouTube. 

See more at http://www.fishcoop.com.au/  and follow on Facebook www.facebook.com/commfishcoop

Sydney Seafood School Launches New Program

SSS launched its latest program of classes with the expansion of its culinary offerings to include more than seafood. The new program has non-seafood classes including vegetarian with Brent Savage (Yellow), desserts with Christine Manfield and a Meat Basics workshop in conjunction with Vic’s Quality Meats.

There is a great line up of leading chefs teaching their ways with fish and shellfish, including Mark Best (Marque), Paul Carmichael (momofuku seiōbo), Paul Donnelly (Ms.G’s), Andy Evans (Spice Temple), Lucio Galletto (Lucio’s Italian Restaurant), Dan Hong (Mr Wong), Mark Jensen (Red Lantern), Justin North (Hotel Centennial), Alessandro Pavoni (Ormeggio), Giovanni Pilu (Pilu at Freshwater), Michael Rantissi (Kepos St Kitchen), Nelly Robinson (nel.), Nic Wong (Cho Cho San) and Phil Wood (Rockpool).

The July – October program of classes can be viewed at www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au. Classes can be booked online and gift certificates and copies of the Sydney Seafood School Cookbook purchased from the website. Contact Sydney Seafood School on +61 2 9004 1111 or sss@sydneyfishmarket.com.au

SFM Welcomes Back Boaters

Sydney Fish Market has now installed a landing pontoon to allow access to the market for small private vessels. The pontoon is restricted to vessels six metres and under and will be a drop off/pick up facility only to ensure maximum availability of the pontoon. There is no mooring available.

SFM thanks everyone for their patience and looks forward to welcoming our boating customers back to the market.

Sydney Business Chamber Breakfast at SFM

Bryan Skepper & The Hon. Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director, Sydney Business Chamber.

On Thursday 16th June SFM hosted the Sydney First Boardroom Breakfast for the Sydney Business Chamber. 

The theme for the event was Vision & Opportunity: How a reimagined Sydney Fish Market will transform the Bays Precinct. Attendees were invited for a private tour of the auction followed by breakfast in Sydney Seafood School. Bryan Skepper presented SFM’s vision for redevelopment to become the global benchmark for fish markets, a unique tourist destination, a leader in sustainability and seafood education, an iconic landmark and a leader in urban design. The presentation also touched on findings from SFM site research, completed in partnership with Destination NSW, to identify SFM's visitor profile and capture feedback on their SFM experience as well as their thoughts on redevelopment and suggested improvements.

Feedback from the Sydney Business Chamber was positive saying that the event was extremely successful and commending SFM on our staff and facilities.

Vivid Cruise

On Wednesday 8th June, SFM Retailers were invited to attend a social harbour cruise to observe Vivid Sydney. Canapés and drinks were served on the deck of a privately chartered cruise liner and guests were treated to 360-degree harbour views. The event was held to thank retailers for the hard work they do on the SFM site year round. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and for your continued support. 

2016 Ōra King Awards Launch

The launch of the fourth annual Ōra King Awards was held at Sydney Fish Market in Sydney Seafood School on Thursday 9th June. Guests were invited to attend a kitchen masterclass hosted by brand ambassador and winner of Best Ōra King Dish International 2015 Elijah Holland, followed by brunch. Attendees included Zoe Bingley-Pullin from Good Chef Bad Chef, sisters Helena and Vikki Moursellas from My Kitchen Rules and Mark Jensen from Red Lantern Restaurant and Red Lily Private Dining Room. 

The awards recognise the efforts of chefs working with Ōra King; The New Zealand King Salmon Co’s foodservice brand. During the launch it was announced that this year will see the introduction of an entirely new category; Best Ōra King Dish Australia. 

Entries for the 2016 Ōra King Awards remain open until 31st July and terms and conditions can be viewed on the Ōra King website orakingsalmon.co.nz/oras. Finalists are announced on Monday 19th September and the winners are announced at the awards ceremony and luncheon in Nelson, New Zealand on 11th October. 

Grant Lazarus from Ōra King with Mark Jenson from Red Lantern Restaurant and Red Lily Private Dining Room.

Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program

On 31st May the NSW Government announced the details of the Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program. The program will provide support to commercial fishers opting to enter, stay or exit the industry. Commercial fishers will be given the option to purchase more shares to secure their level of business activity, while others may choose to sell their shares and exit the industry. There is a range of assistance measures available to help industry through this transition process.

Sydney Fish Market welcomes the announcement of the NSW Government’s Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program following a long and thorough review process which has caused stress and unease for many professional fishers.

The announcement has revealed a package including financial support to both those wanting to stay and those wanting to leave the industry as well as assistance to fishing cooperatives. It is also promising that the package has included provision for a community awareness campaign to help build support for the NSW fishing industry and increase seafood demand. Mandatory country of origin labelling will further benefit local industry in this regard.

While Sydney Fish Market is hopeful that the reform process will help build a more viable and profitable industry, it cannot be ignored that many fishers will continue to be disaffected by ongoing uncertainty – particularly those whose total allowable catch is still being determined by the Independent Allocation Panel.

SFM General Manager and Chair of NSW Seafood Industry Council, Bryan Skepper stated that SFM and NSWSIC will do whatever they can to assist catchers during this difficult transition phase.

For more information visit http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/commercial/reform or call the Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Hotline (1300 726 488)

Australian Industry Live Mud Crab Grading Scheme

A workshop on the Australian Industry Live Mud Crab Grading Scheme was held in June at Sydney Fish Market. The workshop participants consisted of a majority of the Steering Committee of the FRDC project Building precision into the Australian Industry Live Mud Crab Grading Scheme (AILMCGS) through addressing grading and regional anomalies, along with relevant industry representatives.

Research findings were presented at the workshop and an agreement was reached to modify the existing scheme to better reflect the regional variations that occur in mud crab shell hardness in relation to meat fullness. As a result, Version 3 of the grading scheme was developed. 

Version 3 of the Australian Industry Live Mud Crab Grading Scheme is currently being rolled out through the relevant networks.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority Safety Management System

Australian Maritime Safety Authority have developed a guide for Class 3E Estuary Fishing Operators to create a Safety Management System document.

The guide includes simple SMS examples which reflect the non-complex operations of estuary fishers. These guides have been created to support the industry to improve safety practices whilst also maximising efficiencies and returns and are being rolled out nationally along with a series of workshops.

The AMSA SMS guide can be viewed here http://www.amsa.gov.au/forms-and-publications/Publications/AMSA541.pdf

Farewell to Pheroze Jungalwalla

After a 40-year career in the aquaculture industry Pheroze Jungalwalla has retired as Chair of the National Aquaculture Council (NAC). Pheroze was on the board of NAC for over ten years, the last five as its Chair.

Pheroze began his career as Manager/Biologist at Tasmania’s only trout farm in 1976, and spent the next decade designing and establishing trout farms and operating an oyster and mussel farm. In 1985 he was appointed Manager of the newly formed salmon hatchery company Saltas where he was involved in designing, constructing and establishing two state of the art salmon hatcheries. Pheroze moved to Tassal in 1996 where he managed Tassal’s R&D program and also took on the role of industry representation.

From 2003 to 2011 Pheroze held the position of Executive Officer of the Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association, an industry and government representative role that led to his eventual position with NAC. His dedication to the industry earned Pheroze the award of Industry Icon for Tasmania in 2011 and in 2013 he was accepted into the National Seafood Industy Alliance Hall of Fame.

Known for his frequent references to “buckets of money” and his love of good single malt whisky (his first taste was in 1966!), Pheroze was presented with a silver ice bucket and a bottle of rare whisky at a farewell function in honour of he and his wife Sue at Sydney Fish Market on 29th June.

We wish Pheroze and Sue a long and happy retirement travelling, drinking whisky, fishing, target pistol-shooting and occasionally catching up with the many friends he has made in his distinguished career.

Staff News

SFM Board of Directors

SFM has appointed three new Directors to the Board. The incoming Directors are John Jeffreson, George Apostolakis replacing Greg Imisides and Nick Manettas with Ross Fidden replacing John Gallagher who remains a director on the board of the Catchers’ Trust. John Jeffreson and George Apostolakis were appointed in April 2016 followed by Ross Fidden’s appointment in May.

John Jeffreson (JJ) is the owner of two seafood retail stores, Nicholas Seafood Traders and Peter’s Sydney Fish Market. He has helped his businesses build a loyal following within the seafood community and is a strong advocate for sustainability and supporting Australian products, working exclusively with companies that align themselves to Australian fisheries regulations.

George commenced employment with M&G Seafoods Wholesalers in 1992. At around the same time M&G purchased Marine Foods within the market auction hall. M&G Seafoods Wholesalers is a family business that was established in 1969.

Ross is the Chairman of SFM’s largest supplier, the Commercial Fishermen’s Cooperative. He has been an active commercial fishermen since 1974 and brings to the board extensive experience in fishing, wholesaling, retailing and foodservice.

Sydney Fish Market would like to express our sincerest thanks to John Gallagher for his diligent efforts during his four-and-a-half year tenure serving on the board. Through raising fishing industry issues John helped our Board to become more informed and bring attention to these important matters. We would also like to acknowledge his remarkable attendance record of never missing a board meeting which is testament to his loyalty and dedication.

His commitment to SFM, the Catchers’ Trust and the wider industry is truly commendable.

A fond farewell to Robyn Jensen!

Sydney Fish Market bids a fond farewell to Robyn Jensen, Executive Assistant to Seafood Trading Manager Gus Dannoun. Robyn retired on July 1st, having spent the past 14 years at SFM. Robyn is looking forward to daily coffees by the beach as well as travelling the world and getting to see the elephants up close on safari in Africa (anyone who has seen Robyn’s desk would be aware of her adoration for these gentle giants). We, and many of our overseas suppliers, international forwarders/clearing agents and local freight handlers, will all miss Robyn’s sunny disposition and wish her all the best for the future.

A special mention to Reena, Nga and Andrew from Moana New Zealand and Donna Wells from FinestKind Limited who all travelled from New Zealand to surprise Robyn and personally deliver their thanks and farewell wishes before she retired. Thanks also to Phil from Better Logistics, Michael, Kurt, Matthew, Sophie, Debra from Mainfreight International and Susan Robinson who took time out to say farewell. It is a true testament to the high regards that SFM’s suppliers have for Robyn.

As a result of Robyn’s retirement, Sally Hancock has been permanently appointed as PA and Team Administrator for the Supply Department.

SFM would like to welcome the following people to the team:

Kelly Seagrave

Kelly was appointed Marketing Executive in March, just in time for Good Friday. Kelly comes from a background in Tourism and Hospitality and as youngster had the career ambition to become a Marine Biologist but was talked out of it by a career advisor. She is now enjoying the opportunity of working in an area of great interest to her and for an iconic Australian landmark.  

Emmy Gargiulo

Welcome to Emmy Gargiulo who joined SFM’s marketing team in May as Marketing Coordinator. Emmy will be responsible for working with media and film crews to promote all that SFM has to offer, as well as coordinating design work, the website, and organising our events. Emmy comes from a sound background in politics and has worked in the seafood industry in New Zealand and Australia for the past six years.

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