Our Vision

The Future of Sydney Fish Market

For 50 years, Sydney Fish Market has been one of Sydney’s most important attractions and one of the world’s biggest fish markets. Now, we have the opportunity to reimagine this iconic site; to create a Sydney Fish Market for the future with world-class facilities.

Following the government’s announcement of the Bays Precinct Urban Transformation Project in July 2014, SFM have been working closely with UrbanGrowth NSW, to ensure that our vision for the future of the site is incorporated into the transformation plan for the whole of the Bays Precinct.

The rejuvenated facility will include:

  • A brilliant new building with public boardwalks and improved open foreshore space for dining and leisure activities.
  • An improved wholesale market with live auctions more open and accessible to the public.
  • A mix of the world’s best seafood retail outlets and fresh produce markets.
  • Expanded and upgraded food and beverage options, transforming the current offer during the day into exemplary café, bar and restaurant experiences day and night.
  • Sydney Seafood School expanding into a larger, culinary training and education facility.
  • Better ‘back of house’ facilities for fishers and retailers including state of the art refrigeration and improved storage.
  • Improved parking and improved access by road for both customers and suppliers.

We want to cement Sydney Fish Market’s position as not only Australia’s Home of Seafood, but also as a mecca for fresh and healthy food in Sydney and as a unique tourist destination that celebrates its heritage and role in the community.

We look forward to continuing to work with UGNSW, our stakeholders and the community as the transformation plan for the Bays Precinct develops.

We are interested in your thoughts and ideas for the new Sydney Fish Market. View our presentation below and click the link to complete a short survey.

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