A Get Fresh with Fish seafood cooking demonstration will be held as part of the entertainment line-up at For the Love of Seafood.




Just some of the delicious fare that attendees can expect at For the Love of Seafood.

SFM Launches For The Love of Seafood Festival in October


Sydney Fish Market (SFM) will be a hive of activity this October, with Get Fresh with Fish cooking demonstrations every Wednesday, as well as the launch of an exciting new event - For the Love of Seafood festival.

This inaugural event will be held at SFM on Saturday, 31 October 2009 as part of the Sydney International Food Festival and will combine quality seafood with tantalising flavours to excite the taste buds, entertainment to keep the crowd buzzing all day and a rainbow of stalls to entice 'foodies', families and seafood lovers.

The event will promote the great variety, versatility and quality of Australian seafood, the contributions and achievements of the Australian seafood industry, raise awareness of Sydney's marvellous food culture and awaken a new crowd of seafood lovers, all the while reinforcing SFM as the hub of Sydney's best seafood.

For the Love of Seafood will be promoted through a variety of different mediums, including advertising and story placement in print, radio and online publications. A profile of the event has already been featured in the special edition of Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living supplement for the Sydney International Food Festival, issued on Saturday, 12 September 2009. If you missed out on a copy, visit www.siff.com.au.

For the Love of Seafood will be hosted by food and wine connoisseur, Lyndey Milan, with special appearances by local fishing identities, renowned chefs, food experts and cookbook authors.

Entertainment will include SFM's renowned Get Fresh with Fish seafood cooking demonstrations, an Oyster Appreciation session, as well as a Chef Challenge cooking competition to crown the King/Queen of the Sea. In addition, special presentations throughout the day will focus on issues such as sustainability, food culture and life as a fisherman. 

The event, set to become a highlight attraction at SFM for many years to come, will also include free face painting for the kids, prize-winning competitions throughout the day and a 3-piece jazz band.  

Sponsorship opportunities are available but get in quick! If you wish to learn more about sponsorship of the event, please contact Louisa Goodall on 02 9004 1146 or email

Free Get Fresh with Fish seafood cooking demonstrations will also take place at SFM's Sydney Seafood School from 11am every Wednesday during the month of October.

Join local fishermen Paul Bagnato and Diego Bagnato and leading food consultant, cookbook author and Sydney Seafood School demonstrator, Brigid Treloar, as they prepare simple and delicious seafood recipes. Brigid will take affordable, lesser known seafood species and turn them into enjoyable meals for the whole family, while the fishermen will give insider tips about local seafood and tell stories of adventures out at sea.

Entry to Get Fresh with Fish is FREE, however bookings are essential. Please call SFM's Marketing Department on 02 9004 1143 to reserve your place.

SFM is looking forward to welcoming you to its exciting schedule of events during the month of October!

Dr HervĂ© Remaud and Dr Nick Danenberg, co‑presenters of the Seafood CRC Marketing Master Class.




A meeting of marketing minds - Master Class participants in action.

SFM Host Seafood CRC Marketing Master Class


Sydney Fish Market (SFM) was the venue for a meeting of marketing minds on 24 and 25 August, with members of the seafood industry invited to learn more about effective marketing at the Seafood Marketing Master Class.


The Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), together with the University of South Australia's Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science, presented a two day interactive marketing forum, with the aim of assisting small, medium and large companies to develop a greater understanding of the principles and practices of effective seafood marketing. 


With each class capped at a maximum of 30 people, the Master Class offered an intimate look at the specific challenges and intricacies of marketing within the seafood industry. Attendees were introduced to concepts such as adding value, market segmentation and targeting, brand positioning, key components in developing a marketing plan and how to launch effective pricing and sales promotions.


A practical look at a subject of emerging importance within the Australian seafood industry, the first day of the workshop was dedicated to the exploration of fundamental marketing concepts, while the second day focused on applying these concepts to a real life scenario. A case study was presented, with participants being asked to prepare a simple marketing plan outlining the way in which a well established Australian seafood company could launch a successful export strategy into key Middle Eastern markets. Participants were asked to investigate the company's internal strengths and weaknesses, before assessing the external opportunities and threats posed by a move into this new foreign market. The group were then asked to prepare a marketing plan addressing key areas such as a business/market overview, objectives of such an initiative, export strategy, budget and an action plan.


The stated aim of the Seafood CRC in delivering the Marketing Master Class is to create a new breed of seafood manager who is entrepreneurial, collaborative, technically skilled, embraces technology and is globally focused on the seafood value chain. The organisation has identified a need for industry to be more market-orientated, to better understand its market in order to deliver greater value to the end-user, therefore matching product offerings to consumer demand so that companies may better compete and ultimately increase profitability.


Such in-depth analysis of marketing issues relevant to the seafood industry are just what the seminar is hoping to encourage, according to Dr Herve' Remaud and Dr Nick Danenberg, Research Associates at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science and co-presenters of the Master Class.


"We would like to get industry participants thinking more like seafood marketers rather than solely as seafood producers" said Dr Remaud.


"Marketing is primarily about building and maximising your brand's mental and physical availability" added Dr Danenberg. 


"In other words, reminding consumers that your brand does exist for them to purchase and making your product easily available to the consumer in a format that they value".


The planned outcome of this new training initiative is to provide participants with a collective understanding of what marketing is. It is then hoped that participants will disseminate this knowledge down through their organisations. By improving their overall marketing skills, it is hoped that industry members will better understand and therefore serve their market.


The next stop for the Seafood CRC Marketing Master Class is Perth on 24 and 24 September, followed by Port Lincoln on 1 and 2 October, Cairns on 26 and 27 October, finishing up in Hobart on 26 and 27 November.


The Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science delivers workshops and seminars to various businesses in Australia and around the world, covering key marketing aspects and concepts. Plans are currently underway to expand this program, with the Institute investigating the feasibility of holding annual refresher seminars and advanced courses for industry members.  


For further details on how to enrol in a Seafood CRC Marketing Master Class in your city, contact Emily Downes at emilydownes@seafoodcrc.com or call 08 8201 7652.

Rick Stein taking notes during his morning tour of SFM's auction floor.

Seafood Chef Extraordinaire Rick Stein Visits SFM

On Friday, 28 August 2009 culinary royalty paid a visit to Sydney Fish Market (SFM) to check out Sydney's freshest seafood. Rick Stein, one of the UK's most revered chefs and regarded as an expert in the art of seafood cooking, visited the early morning wholesale auction with the aim of securing a supply of fresh Australian seafood for his latest restaurant venture.


The prominent celebrity chef, famous for his observation that "nothing is more exhilarating than fresh fish simply cooked", has recently taken over the restaurant at the popular south coast resort, Bannisters. Located in Mollymook, the restaurant has been renamed Rick Stein at Bannisters and will open its doors in early October complete with an all new, almost exclusively seafood menu.


Rick was accompanied on his Friday morning tour by Bannisters' General Manager Peter Bacon, his new restaurant's Head Chef, Julian Lloyd and Daniel Vautin, General Manager of Joto's Fresh Fish, as well as SFM Marketing staff, David Sandrussi and Louisa Goodall.


Displaying an enthusiasm for the variety and quality of seafood on display, Rick spoke passionately of his new venture and displayed an impressive knowledge of Australian species.  


Set to be unveiled in a matter of weeks, the new menu at Rick Stein at Bannisters will feature some of the dishes that are served in Rick's internationally renowned The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow, on England's south-west coast, as well as some with an unmistakably Australian twist. The restaurant will feature a selection of Australian seafood within its new menu, with Rick and his Head Chef keen to use as much local south coast seafood as possible.


During his visit Rick showed particular interest in the more obscure Australian species that SFM carry, such as Latchet, Ocean Jacket and Bight Redfish. Head Chef Julian was amazed by the variety of Australian shellfish available on the auction floor, marvelling at the range of Cockle, Blue Mussel and Pipi on offer to Buyers.


"Having Rick Stein get on board with us is a fantastic opportunity for Bannisters, local business and promotion of the area" said Peter Bacon, Bannister's General Manager.


"We know how renowned Sydney Fish Market is for having some of the freshest and highest quality local seafood available, so we jumped at the chance to come along with Rick and see first hand what was on offer".


As well as touring SFM, Julian and Rick have met local seafood suppliers in the Ulladulla region and are keen to use as much local produce as possible.


Examples of some of the dishes Rick Stein will wow the crowds with at his new restaurant include Crab with Wakame Salad and Wasabi Mayonnaise, Provencal Fish Soup with Rouille and Parmesan, Indonesian Seafood Curry with Blue-eye Trevalla, Calamari and Endeavour Prawn, and fillets of John Dory with Fresh Summer Truffle, Slivers of New Potato and Wild Mushrooms.


No doubt inspired by the delicious Australian seafood procured from SFM, Rick Stein at Bannisters open its doors on Thursday, 1 October 2009.



The fishway, close to completion in this photo.



Lockett's Crossing - was impassable for fish.

Back in the Swim - Lockett's Crossing Fish Passage Restored


A shared vision and determination to restore fish habitat has led to the successful rehabilitation of a key river in the State's lower north coast, ensuring the safe passage of aquatic life in the area.


Through a partnership between Industry & Investment NSW (Fisheries), Great Lakes Council, Caring for our Community, NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts and Hunter Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority, work on a fishway at Lockett's Crossing, Coolongolook was completed in August this year.


"Fish passage was previously blocked by the Lockett's Crossing causeway, however successful completion of the fishway opens up 65 kilometres of habitat to native fish and aquatic life," said Jenny Fredrickson, Conservation Management Officer at Industry & Investment NSW (Fisheries).


"The migratory habits of species such as Australian Bass and Mullet see them move between different types of aquatic habitat to feed and reproduce. Man-made barriers such as road crossings, weirs and floodgates affect the ability of these fish to complete these essential lifecycle processes," she said.


Lockett's Crossing, located on the Coolongolook River, is a causeway which, until recently, hindered fish from swimming upstream due to a drop on the downstream side (known as a 'waterfall effect') and shallow flow depths across the causeway. The 'Bring Back the Fish' project was managed by Industry & Investment NSW (Fisheries) with the aim of restoring a safe passage for fish at this site. Streamline River Restoration, a company specialising in rivercare works, was employed over a three month period to construct the fishway that consists of a series of low gradient pools and rock ridges. Great Lakes Council also installed a box culvert which provides an opening underneath the causeway.


"These restoration works now allow fish to swim from the estuary into the upper reaches of the river which is expected to have a large impact on fish populations in the Coolongolook River", Mrs Fredrickson said.


The completion of these works follows more than 15 years of planning and negotiation to address this priority barrier, as recognised in the Coolongolook Rivercare Plan, Wallis Lake Estuary Management Plan, and more recently the 'Bringing Back the Fish' project. 


The successful completion of this project is also a direct result of lobbying by environmentally focused organisations such as OceanWatch Australia.


"Projects like these to restore habitat for fish have a direct result for fishermen. It is these natural habitats that underpin production, ensuring a viable fishing industry as well as the supply of fresh, local seafood to Aussie consumers" said Brad Warren, Executive Chair, OceanWatch Australia.


Now that the Coolongolook River has been reopened to fish, attention has turned to various other fish barriers in the Great Lakes area. Next on the list, according to Industry & Investment NSW(Fisheries) are other important projects on the Wallamba River near Nabiac. This will be the latest in a string of initiatives aimed at restoring the waterways and aquatic ecosystems of the New South Wales north coast.


For further info about this exciting project, please contact Jenny Fredrickson at
jenny.fredrickson@industry.nsw.gov.au or phone 02 4916 3834.




Tom Morris and his wife Sarah.





Tom the fitness fanatic.

Farewell to Our Super Geek Tom Morris

From kissing fish in Blackwattle Bay to hugging trees on the Northern Beaches, Tom Morris is making a sea-change after 10 years at Sydney Fish Market (SFM)!


After a long and fulfilling career in the Information Systems Department, Tom, the Systems and Network Administrator, recently moved into an exciting new role with greater responsibility at Active Tree Services.


Tom, as an eager 21 year old, commenced work at SFM as an Operator Programmer on 15 February 1999. A decade later, he has attained a long list of achievements including assisting with the smooth transition of clocks on the Auction Floor from digital to projector screens, leading SFM's transition from old Unix-based systems to a Windows domain-based network and establishing himself as SFM's PC network brains-trust!


Prior to commencing at SFM, Tom worked in his family's film lighting business, Mr Lighting. Asked why he didn't stay in the family trade, Tom recalled a conversation he had with his father who'd advised him to get out while he still could and find himself a stable job with a regular income. Tom did just that, following his passion for all things electronic to the Computer Power Training Institute where he undertook a 1 year course in computer programming.  Within a couple of months of graduating, Tom took the job at SFM.


As a spring chicken, Tom was employed by Information Systems Manager, Nick Paton. Astonishingly, to Nick and SFM's credit, Tom is among five employees to have worked in the Information Systems Department for over 10 years!


"During his time at SFM we have got to know Tom, not just as our 'fix it man', but as a great mate who is always up for a laugh. He is a true team player, getting involved in all company events, attending the Seafood Excellence Awards gala nights and being front and centre at every staff Christmas party" said Nick Paton.


"We'll miss him but are excited by the fabulous new opportunity that awaits him".


Outside work Tom is a family man, married to his sweetheart Sarah, who together have an energetic 3 year old son, Ethan.


"Tom is our rock. Nothing surprises him and nothing is too hard" said Sarah, a sentiment shared by all those who worked with Tom over the past 10 years.


Sadly for us here at SFM, you will no longer find Tom answering the many SOS calls from panicked office staff. Instead you'll find him on his bike on his way to his new job (just 10 minutes from his house) and on the weekends running marathons, boxing and spending quality time with his family.


Tom was a key part of SFM's business and will be missed by all. SFM wish him the best of luck in his new role and hope he enjoys his sleep in!





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