Mike Berwick's aquaculture operation - ensuring through-chain traceability.

Sustainable Practices from Production to Plate

At the very core of Sydney Fish Market's (SFM) Sustainability Principles is the concept that best practice sustainable techniques should be implemented from the grass-roots production and supply stages of the food industry - right through to sale and consumption. As leader of the seafood industry in NSW and around the country, SFM actively pursues measures designed to ensure seafood traded through SFM satisfies rigorous through-chain traceability systems.

Mike Berwick (AM), who is both the Chair of the Wet Tropics Natural Resource Management (NRM) and the Queensland Association of Natural Resource Management Bodies, is an advocate of SFM's sustainability efforts and an example of a food producer successfully finding environmental balance.

For nearly ten years Mike and his wife Jane have been farming Barramundi and supplying SFM through a small aquaculture operation located in Far North Queensland. Both Mike and Jane have a long association with sustainable development. In the early 1980's Mike was instrumental in protecting rainforest areas around Cape Tribulation from subdivision, and helping to establish heritage listed status for expanses of the Daintree Rainforest.

It's no wonder then that Mike and Jane support SFM's sustainability efforts across the seafood industry and champion initiatives that result in the long-term security of seafood supply. For Mike and Jane the effects of employing sustainable practices go beyond positive environmental impacts; it can bring benefit for ethical, financial and market access reasons.

Mike's Queensland operation not only includes aquaculture but orchards and a biodiverse forested area which offsets carbon pollution from the farm by a ratio of approximately 2:1. Other by-products from the operation such as water and nutrients are recirculated and used to irrigate the orchards and forested areas. In doing so Mike's farm is able to produce an annual quantity of Barramundi (approximately 15 tonnes) that is approaching a net zero footprint.

As Mike himself points out, establishing and maintaining through-chain traceability goes beyond simply looking at the relationship between SFM and its suppliers.

'The remaining issue for us is to ensure the Barramundi food is sustainable. Just as SFM ensures its suppliers conduct their business in a sustainable fashion, it's up to us to take that process one step further and ensure the same standards and accountability are in place for the next level of operations,' explained Mike.

Currently Mike is in the process of assessing various aspects of his farm operation and seeking assurances from suppliers, such as aquaculture feed providers, that their products are sustainable as well. In doing so, Mike is able to assist SFM in ensuring through-chain traceability of sustainable practices stretches from top to bottom of the supply chain.

For more information on SFM's Sustainability Principles visit www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au or contact Louise Shaw, SFM marketing and communications manager at louises@sydneyfishmarket.com.au.

Culture and cuisine come together with Gusto!

A Culture with Gusto

There's no denying that cooking and food culture has come to the fore in recent times. Cooking programs are now firmly entrenched as rating winners on mainstream television and a new breed of food culture enthusiasts and chefs (some as young as eight or ten) are beginning to make their mark.

For the Italian community however, food and cooking has been popular for centuries and is arguably as much a part of the culture as the people and country itself. It's not surprising then that the 5th annual Gusto Regional Italian Food and Wine Festival proved popular again this year.

Held on Sunday, September 12 at Sydney Seafood School, the festival brought together a who's who of Australian/Italian food identities. Four Master Class sessions were held throughout the day with chefs such as Armando Percuoco and Giovanni Pilu leading sessions in the food of Naples and Calabria and the Food of Sardegna, while other segments included Bambini in Cucina (Kids in the Kitchen) presented by Logan Campbell for young and aspiring chefs.

Attendees of the event were treated to tastings of risotto, Italian cold cuts like salami and prosciutto, antipasti, gnocchi, testaroli, formaggio, pasta and of course seafood. But no Italian food festival would be complete without something to drink - and accordingly, wine experts Mark Lloyd and Michael Trembath led the way with a series of wine workshops designed to match the perfect wine with the perfect Italian cuisine.

Held in conjunction with the Council of Italian Restaurants Australia (CIRA), the festival also provided a great opportunity to showcase to a diverse crowd the recently refurbished Sydney Seafood School facilities. From the demonstration auditorium top level chefs were able to showcase their culinary talents in surrounds befitting their skills. For providores, producers and the participants the hands on area provided a perfect setting to taste and experience the Italian foods.

Seafood School manager, Roberta Muir, said the refurbished School provided a perfect backdrop for this year's event.

'The moody lighting and foodie blackboard graffiti in the School's hands-on kitchen set the scene perfectly for the tasting room offering salumi, pizze, risotto, dolci and more!'

For those keen to experience more Italian culture, SFM is soon to host a traditional Blessing of the Fleet as part of the upcoming For the Love of Seafood festival. From 10am to 12pm on the morning of Saturday, October 23, SFM's local fishing fleet will participate in a blessing ceremony designed to bring safe and prosperous fishing for the year ahead.

The blessing ceremony dates back centuries in Mediterranean communities and provides an opportunity for the fishers to come together in celebration of tradition, community, culture as well as a love of seafood.

Following the blessing, members of the Italian community will showcase their culture onstage with singers, Italian folk dancers, games and community entertainment sure to make everyone feel Italian - if just for the day.

For more information on CIRA visit www.cira.com.au or for more information on the upcoming Blessing of the Fleet visit www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au.

Judgement day. Aquaculture product assessed for Sydney Royal Fine Food Show awards.

Suppliers Score at Spring Show

Like the colours of a sunset over Blackwattle Bay, several of Sydney Fish Market's suppliers won an assortment of gold, silver and bronze at this year's spring session of the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Held twice a year, the show occurs in February and September - with February focusing on summer produce and September showcasing all that spring has to offer.

In recognition of an increasingly important industry, an aquaculture section was introduced to the competition in 2001. In spring Pacific and Angasi Oysters and Barramundi are judged, whilst summer focuses on Sydney Rock Oysters, Prawns, Smoked Salmon and Smoked Ocean Trout products.

Sydney Fish Market (SFM) has been a proud sponsor of the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show for three years, first coming on board in spring 2008. As SFM's marketing and communications manager, Louise Shaw explained, 'we saw quite a natural fit with the show as it promotes the very best in quality produce'.

It is terrific to see that this year several of SFM's suppliers won medals in recognition of aquaculture excellence. Winners included Barramundi Gardens, Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Fish Farms, Cairns Fresh Seafood and Good Fortune Bay Fisheries Ltd.

Barramundi Gardens, who have been supplying SFM since September 2008, won gold in the Barramundi large whole fish 2-4kg category, and a bronze for the Barramundi plate size (400-800g) category.

'I am particularly proud of Barramundi Gardens as they use SFM exclusively to supply the Sydney Market,' explained Gus Dannoun, supply manager.

Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Fish Farms also won gold in two categories, 'plate size' and 'whole fish'.

Scoring two silver medals each, also in the plate and whole fish categories, was Cairns Fresh Seafood, who has been supplying SFM since 2007, and Good Fortune Bay Fisheries Ltd who have been supplying SFM since December 2003.

Cairns Fresh Seafood mainly supplies SFM with farmed Barramundi but also Black Tiger Prawn and Spotted Rockcod. Likewise Good Fortune focuses on farmed Barramundi but also farm Cobia. Both suppliers are important to SFM with sales through SFM in 2009/10 equating to approximately 68 tonnes (Cairns Fresh Seafood) and 60 tonnes (Good Fortune), respectively.

Mures Fishing Pty Ltd also won a bronze in the Pacific Oysters, unwashed, unshucked category and Pristine Oyster Farm Pty Ltd, won silver in the same category, and a gold in the Ostrea Angasi unwashed unshucked category.

SFM would like to congratulate the award winners.

For more information about the Royal Fine Food Show visit

Education and entertainment. Lyndey Milan leads a session at the For the Love of Seafood festival.

For the Love of Seafood

The Crave Sydney International Food Festival (SIFF) kicks off in Sydney this month with chefs and foodies licking their lips in anticipation of thirty-one days of culinary celebration. The festival showcases Sydney's obsession with food culture by hosting a myriad of food events in a range of unique and iconic locations around Sydney and New South Wales.

Rene Redzepi, who many consider the world's best chef, is a major drawcard of this year's festival and reaffirms Sydney's reputation as a world centre in food culture and cuisine. Mr Redzepi visited Sydney Fish Market (SFM) alongside Matt Preston on Friday, 1 October as part of his media tour.

For the second year running SFM will host a key event in the SIFF calendar called For the Love of Seafood on Saturday, October 23. For the Love of Seafood is a celebration of all things seafood - from the fishers and characters who catch it, to the recipes and food that we all enjoy.

MC for the day in the 'Foodies' Oasis' marquee will be Lyndey Milan, a luminary of food culture in Sydney and the perfect spokesperson for fresh, quality seafood. Lydney will be joined on stage by a number of chefs and seafood industry leaders to talk about recipes, cooking, and ways to get the most out of seafood. For those who like to get involved there will be opportunity for Q&A's and plenty of giveaways and prizes to look forward to.

As the Government Department overseeing fisheries, Industry and Investment NSW has come on board as For the Love of Seafood's key sponsor to support what they see as a flagship industry event.

Based on the success of last year's event and the positive publicity the event is sure to deliver this year, companies like Regal King Salmon, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, and Christie's Seafoods have also lent their support by sponsoring various segments of the day.

For members of the local fishing fleet the day will hold particular importance. For the first time in almost ten years a traditional blessing of the fleet will be held to kick off the day's festivities and ensure the local fleet enjoy a safe, plentiful and enjoyable year of fishing.

'The blessing is going to be great!' explained Paul Bagnato, skipper of one of the local boats. 'For us fishermen, the blessing means everything! It's what we believe in and it's what our families have done for generations.'

Following the blessing, crowds wanting more Italian culture will be treated to an entertainment stage that will include Italian folk dancing, a twenty-five piece brass band, and well know singer and entertainer Joey Fimmano. For those who enjoy their entertainment with a bit of fun and perhaps a bit of mess, we will be looking for volunteers to participate in apple bobbing and a spaghetti eating competitions!

For more information on the event visit www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au or to register your interest in sponsorship call Nigel on 9004 1147.

Theo G. Kailis - the passing of a pioneer.

Australian Seafood Industry Mourns the passing of a pioneer

With a career of innovation spanning six decades, the passing of Theo G. Kailis, 82, last month has seen tributes flow from across the Australian fishing industry.

Alongside Murray France, Mr Kailis founded the Kailis and France Group and built an empire on the live Western Rocklobster export trade through hard work and innovation. Among his many achievements, Theo Kailis commissioned the first high speed Randall Rocklobster boat that revolutionised deep sea Rocklobster fishing in the 1960s.

'My grandfather began working at age fourteen in his father's fish shop in Perth, Western Australia. A key to my grandfather's innovative and generous spirit was that given he started with relatively little, it allowed him to approach business with a nothing-to-lose attitude,' said Mr. Kailis' grandson and managing director of Sontari Foods, Theo Kailis Jnr.

Despite this humble beginning, Mr Kailis diversified into nearly every aspect of the seafood industry including: fishing, processing, local and export marketing and value adding for fresh fish, Rocklobster and Prawn.

Testament to his widespread involvement and industry status, Theo G. Kailis was CEO or Chairman of: G. P. Kailis & Sons, Ross Group International, West Ocean Canning Pty Ltd, Austral Fisheries Pty Ltd, New Fishing Australia Pty Ltd, and Lobster Australia Pty Ltd.

In 2004 the fishing industry also acknowledged Theo G. Kailis' achievements by awarding him the Michael Kailis Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Commercial Fishing Industry at the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) Awards. In 2005, at the Australian Seafood Industry Awards, Mr. Kailis' efforts were again recognised by receiving a Seafood Icon Award.

Throughout his career, Theo Kailis helped hundreds of industry leaders and fisherman gain the knowledge and experience to succeed. His almost paternal connection with Australia's seafood industry helped breed the level of innovation we see today.

Theo G. Kailis passed away peacefully in Western Australia surrounded by family. He leaves behind ten grandchildren and two great grand children.

Sydney Fish Market extends sincere condolences to the Kailis family for their loss, and appreciation to Theo G. Kailis for his enduring contribution to the Australian seafood industry.

Proud sponsors. Staff members of SFM present at this year's Good Food Guide Awards.

2011 SMH Good Food Guide Awards

To foodies and the restaurant industry throughout NSW, the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide is the restaurant Bible and benchmark for restaurants in the industry. To appear in the guide, restaurants must achieve a score of at least twelve out of twenty. Along with the score out of twenty, a restaurant can then be awarded a 'hat'. Three hats represent the best of the best, and this year only three of Sydney's restaurants; est., Marque and Quay, were awarded three hats. There are also other special awards to recognise excellence in various fields, one of which is sponsored by Sydney Fish Market (SFM).

At the recent Good Food Guide Awards, held at the Water Bar in Woolloomooloo's iconic W Hotel, SFM returned for a third year as sponsors of the Best Seafood Restaurant Award. This year the top seafood restaurant award was taken out by Fish Face. Fish Face received the award in recognition of its consistent commitment and creative approach to quality seafood.

Fish Face's review in the Good Food Guide revealed the Tuna tartare, and steamed custard, flaked with Mud Crab, enoki, cress and black sesame to be two of the restaurant's finest dishes.

The 2011 Emirates Chef of the Year was awarded to Martin Benn, chef and co-owner of Sepia. Along with Benn, the restaurant is co-owned by renowned seafood retailers George & Andrea Costi. Despite only opening in May last year, Sepia was also awarded two hats, proving that it and Martin Benn have made a significant impression on the Sydney restaurant scene.

On the evening George Costi said he was 'extremely proud of Martin and his commitment to succeed', and 'that he is certainly helping people realise just how tasty underutilised seafood produce, such as squid and cuttlefish can be'.

SFM was represented at the awards by Louise Shaw (SFM's marketing and communications manager), Nigel Cocks (marketing executive), Jessica Harding (public relations coordinator), and Roberta Muir (manager of Sydney Seafood School). Roberta has been a country and city reviewer for the Good Food Guide Awards for the past 5 years. Roberta said her job as a reviewer is tough, but mostly a very delicious one.

For more details about the Good Food Guide, see the below link



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