Wayne Hulme and Brigid Treloar entertain the crowd during the popular Oyster Appreciation Session.




October an Event to Remember at SFM


Sydney Fish Market (SFM) went event crazy this October in an effort to promote SFM and Australia's fantastic seafood far and wide.


SFM hosted a remarkable assortment of seafood-focused events including the inaugural For the Love of Seafood Festival; Get Fresh with Fish seafood cooking demonstrations; special Behind the Scenes Tours accompanied by some of Sydney's finest chefs; and a Seafood & Champagne Breakfast with internationally renowned Michelin Star chefs at Sydney Seafood School.


This extravaganza of events was held as part of The Sydney Morning Herald's Sydney International Food Festival (SIFF). The new event program allowed SFM to further promote itself as the home of Sydney's freshest seafood, while also taking advantage of the considerable publicity generated on behalf of the festival by Fairfax Media Limited.


The newest event in the SFM calendar was the For the Love of Seafood Festival, hosted by renowned food and wine connoisseur Lyndey Milan. Held onsite at SFM from 11am - 3pm on Saturday, 31 October the festival celebrated Australian seafood and Sydney's fantastic food culture. With a fantastic line up of entertainment, a rainbow of food stalls managed by SFM's on-site retailers, information stalls, a jazz trio and free face painting for the kids, the event entertained an assortment of seafood lovers, 'foodies' and families.


Featured on the festival's entertainment stage was the Chef Challenge and the Oyster Appreciation Session, both pulling huge crowds. Well known Sydney chef Greg Anderson from Sugaroom in Pyrmont and Sails in Lavender Bay battled his top apprentice chef Kristal Page in the Chef Challenge and won the title of 'King of the Sea'.


Wayne Hulme of Christie's Seafoods and leading food consultant, cookbook author and Sydney Seafood School demonstrator Brigid Treloar showed the audience how to select, prepare and match delicious Australian oysters with tantalising accompaniments.


'Fast Ed' Halmagyi from Better Homes & Gardens was also a highlight, presenting an insightful session on behalf of Cleanseas which included the simple preparation of a delectable seafood paella. 


SFM would like to thank all of its sponsors for their fantastic support of For the Love of Seafood, including Industry & Investment NSW, Huon Aquaculture Group, Christies Seafoods, Net & Tackle Sales, Cleanseas, Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Restaurant, OceanWatch Australia, Market PrideĀ®, Beefeater Barbecues and Fisheries Research & Development Corporation.


SFM also held free Get Fresh with Fish cooking demonstrations each Wednesday at Sydney Seafood School during SIFF. Proving immensely popular and booking out each week, the demonstrations attracted over 250 people during October. Audiences were rewarded for their attentiveness and enthusiasm with a sample of each of the dishes prepared and a free Get Fresh with Fish recipe cookbook to take home.


SFM also took Get Fresh with Fish on the road, travelling down to the far south coast of NSW to the Eden Whale Festival for the 9th consecutive year. The 45 minute demonstrations were held onsite at Southland Fish Supplies, with four local species selected and prepared in tasty, easy to cook recipes. Local commercial fishermen and seafood retailer John Jarvis, and Julie Ray, a seafood demonstrator from Sydney Seafood School prepared the recipes while keeping the audience enthralled with insider tips about local seafood, tales of life at sea, cooking tips and as always plenty of laughs.


Special Behind the Scene Tours of SFM with some of Sydney's most renowned chefs were also held each Friday in October as part of SIFF. The chefs helped guide the tours, providing valuable insight into the best ways to select and prepare quality fresh seafood. The chefs involved included Richard Ptanich from Otto, Matthew Kemp from Restaurant Balzac, Justin North from Becasse, Hideo Dekura from Culinary Studio Dekura, Perry Hill from The Boathouse, Collin Barker (Sous Chef) from the Boathouse, Peter Kuruvita from Flying Fish, and Damian Heads from Steel Bar & Grill. These tours were very well received and booked out each week.


Another wonderful addition to the packed October calendar was a Seafood & Champagne Breakfast held at Sydney Seafood School to welcome internationally renowned Michelin Star chefs. The chefs were part of the first ever World Chef Showcase and were invited to SFM for a special Behind the Scenes Tour, followed by a seafood and champagne breakfast in the newly renovated School. Chefs involved included Sergi Arola, head chef from two Michelin star Spanish restaurant Gastro; Chengdu Yu Bo, head chef and owner of Yu's Family Kitchen in the Sichuanese capital Chengdu, and Sebastien Bras from three Michelin star Bras Restaurant in France (recently voted number seven in the 2009 World's Best Restaurant list).


Due to the incredible success of all the October events, SFM will make these yearly fixtures in the calendar.


SFM is now looking forward to a great Christmas!

Australian Sardine - high in long chain Omega-3.


Aussie Kids Not Eating Enough Omega-3


Desperately low intakes of long chain omega-3s could be placing Australian children at a greater risk of heart disease, asthma and ADHD as well as impacting their brain development, warns a leading health researcher and the author of new omega-3 consumption data released today.


Associate Professor Barbara Meyer, from the University of Wollongong's School of Health Sciences, said on average Australian children were consuming just 10 per cent of the long chain omega-3s they needed for heart health and general wellbeing.


"Our biggest killer is still heart disease and if our kids do not adopt a healthy diet up front, it could lead to serious health consequences later in life," Associate Professor Meyer said.


"It's clear from my research that Australian children have critically low intakes of long chain omega-3 and despite increasing awareness about omega-3's health benefits, this vital health message is falling on deaf ears. Levels of long chain omega-3 consumption among Australian children have not improved since intakes were last assessed 13 years ago.


"My fears are not only for the future health outlook of our children, but I'm also concerned about the immediate health benefits they could be missing out on.


"There is compelling evidence linking long chain omega-3s with heart health and the development of children's brains, vision and nervous systems. It may also help with more immediate issues such as learning and behavioural difficulties, and potentially the increasing prevalence of ADHD and asthma."


While there are several types of omega-3 fatty acids, greatest health benefits are derived from the long chain omega-3s found predominantly in fish, seafood and algal oil: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Research indicates they are essential for the development of the brain and eyes, for heart health as well as managing good health.


Associate Professor Meyer and Nithin Kolanu's research "Long chain omega-3 intakes of Australian children" is based on the analysis of long chain omega-3s consumption as identified in the Federal Government's Australian National Children's Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey (often referred to as 'Kids Eat Kids Play" Survey). The research is considered the most fundamental review of children's dietary habits in 13 years.


It revealed that on average half of the two to three year-olds studied consume less than 47mg of long chain omega-3s each day, while four to eight year olds consume less than 55mg.


The National Heart Foundation of Australia recommends all Australians, including children, consume approximately 500mg per day of combined long chain omega-3s (DHA and EA) to improve cardiovascular health.


Oily fish (such as Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel) are some of the richest sources of long chain omega-3s, while other sources include organ meats such as brains, and bone marrow, with eggs and lean red meat providing smaller amounts. There are also omega-3 fortified foods and fish oil supplements.


"As fish is an ideal source of long chain omega-3s just two fish meals a week would give children enough omega-3s to meet their recommended intake and could dramatically improve their immediate and long-term health prospects," Associate Professor Meyer said.


"The problem is that just one in 10 children eat fish. It's critical for parents to place a priority on increasing fish and seafood meals.


The "Long chain omega-3 intakes of Australian children" research was funded by The Omega-3 Centre with a scholarship grant for Nithin Kolanu.


For more information on the research and the health benefits of long chain omega-3 please refer to the Omega-3 Centre's website www.omega-3centre.com. The website also includes a three day menu plan for children, further information on sources of long chain omega-3s with guidelines on amounts per serve, and details on how to read a supplement label.


Bustling crowds during SFM's Christmas 36-Hour Event.

SFM Elves Preparing For the Christmas Rush

Sydney Fish Market (SFM) is gearing up for the festive season with plans underway for one of Sydney's most beloved Christmas events... the SFM 36-Hour Trade. 


SFM's 36 hour around-the-clock trade will commence this Christmas at 5am Wednesday, 23 December and will continue right through the night until 5pm on Christmas Eve, Thursday, 24 December. During this time SFM's retailers will not close, providing Sydneysiders with their Christmas seafood needs at any hour of the day (or night).


The excitement is at fever pitch during SFM's biggest yearly event, with an estimated 80,000 - 100,000 people making their way down to the Market over the two days preceding Christmas. However it's not just the widest selection of seafood in the Southern Hemisphere that get the crowds streaming in... SFM also offers an onsite bakery, delicatessen, bottle shop, fruit and veg outlet, net and tackle store and a gift shop.


Not only does SFM offer its patrons everything they could need for a fantastic Christmas meal under the one roof, we also provide advice on how to cook it as well! Fantastic seafood recipe ideas can be found on FISHline, SFM's free consumer advisory service, providing advice on seafood purchasing, storage, cooking and information on a wide variety of seafood species.


Designed to provide the public with the best information on everything relating to seafood, inquiries can be made simply by emailing fishline@sydneyfishmarket.com.au or calling (02) 9004 1122.


SFM's daily wholesale seafood auction also cranks up a notch or two at Christmas, with Sydney's top seafood retail outlets and restaurants scrambling to get their hands on the freshest seafood in time for the Christmas rush. It's estimated that almost 500 of SFM's registered Buyers will purchase product from the wholesale auction in the day's leading up to Christmas, with Prawn, Lobster, Snapper, Crab and Barramundi amongst the most popular species.


The last SFM wholesale auction before Christmas will kick off early on Thursday, 24 December, with a 2.30am start ensuring that this busy auction will be over with in time for Buyer's trucks to be cleared from the car park to accommodate the influx of Christmas Eve shoppers. SFM will reopen to accept product from its Suppliers at 3pm on Monday, 28 December in time for the first auction after Christmas on Tuesday, 29 December.  


This year, SFM are working towards holding the smoothest running 36-Hour Christmas Trade event ever. The best way for patrons to travel to SFM this Christmas is via Metro Lightrail which will be operating continuously throughout the event. Visitors can jump on and off via SFM's very own Sydney Fish Market stop.


For customers driving down to SFM, NSW Police will be on hand conducting point duty to ensure the smooth flow of traffic into and from the car park. Cost to park at SFM is a flat $3 rate (2 hour maximum stay).


For further enquiries about SFM's Christmas extravaganza, contact the Marketing Department on (02) 9004 1143.



New Minister for Primary Industries, The Hon. Tony Kelly.


NSW Government Announces New Primary Industries Minister


On Monday, 16 November NSW Premier, The Honourable Nathan Rees announced a reshuffle of his cabinet, with Minister for Lands Tony Kelly becoming the new Minister for Primary Industries.


In a move that has wide-reaching ramifications for the New South Wales seafood industry, Minister Kelly adds the Primary Industries portfolio to his growing list of responsibilities, which also include his role as Minister for Lands and Deputy Leader of Government in the Legislative Council.


Replacing Ian Macdonald as Minister for Primary Industries, the move sees Minister Kelly take over the responsibility of overseeing New South Wales Fisheries.  


An experienced parliamentarian with a long list of achievements to his name, Minister Kelly started out in the central New South Wales council of Wellington in 1967, holding various positions including General Manager.


In 1997, after 30 years in local government, he left Wellington Council after his election to the NSW Legislative Council, where he still serves.


Minister Kelly was also one of the founding members of the Parliamentary Group of Country Labor, and served as Convener for its first four years. Following election of the Carr Government in March 2003 to a third term, he was elevated to the Ministry where he has since managed a wide range of portfolios, including Rural Affairs, Lands, Police, Emergency Services, Regional Development, Justice and Local Government. He was also appointed Assistant Minister for Natural Resources.


The new Minister has also served on several advisory committees relevant to his new portfolio, including the Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Advisory Committee, a consultative body for Government of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Commonwealth on salinity and land degradation in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Minister Kelly has already made his first official visit to the headquarters of Industry and Investment NSW in Orange to meet staff.

"I have received briefings on a range of topics, from biosecurity to animal welfare and drought," he says.
"I'm impressed and excited by the diversity of the Primary Industries portfolio."

A farmer from Wellington in Central New South Wales, Minister Kelly still lives in Wellington with his wife Anne, where they run irrigation farms producing lucerne hay, vegetables and cattle. Their property is located on both sides of the Bell River and is a local State Emergency Service contact in times of flood, while the Minister is also a member of both the Neurea and Mount Arthur Rural Fire Service Brigades.


Some of the new Minister's key interests centre around sustainable regional development in country NSW, as well as the development of a mature biofuel industry in Australia. 

His other passions outside of public service include his family, Irish history and culture - particularly the story of the Irish in Australia, as well as cycling, golfing and skiing.


Further information will be provided in future editions of SFM News about the Minister now responsible for managing Primary Industries. SFM and the NSW Seafood Industry Council hope to work closely with Minister Kelly on issues relevant to the NSW seafood industry. 




Meaghan Dodd, SFM's Quality Assessment Food Technologist and recipient of the Professional Development Scholarship.

Meaghan Has Bigger Fish to Fry in London 2010

On Thursday, 29 October SFM's Meaghan Dodd was awarded the Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC) and Women's Industry Network Seafood Community (WINSC) Professional Development Scholarship to attend the 9th Annual Value-Added Seafood Conference, to be held in London in September 2010.


The $6,000 grant was awarded at the WINSC Annual General Meeting Dinner held in Hervey Bay, Queensland.


Meaghan currently works as SFM's Quality Assessment Food Technologist, with a key focus on Market Pride®, SFM's range of premium value-added seafood products. She is responsible for Quality Assessment of the range, including validation of new products and ongoing verification of existing products.


Meaghan recently joined WINSC with a view to networking with other female seafood industry participants, to enhance her skills and broaden her knowledge, as well as encourage other females to get involved in the industry.


Passionate about the seafood industry and its sustainable future, Meaghan believes her attendance at the conference will assist in gaining a greater understanding of value-added seafood in the retail and food service environments, manufacturing, new technologies and innovations, consumer trends, economic issues and solutions, and exporting opportunities. She hopes that the knowledge and skills gained from the conference will assist in the ongoing development of Market Pride®, as well as 'close the gap' between the European and Australian seafood communities.


The conference focuses on the development of high margin seafood products, the analysis of current trends, issue management and the future of the seafood industry on an international level.


"I'm very thankful to FRDC and WINSC for giving me this great opportunity to travel abroad and meet leaders in my field," Meaghan said.


"I'm looking forward to soaking up the knowledge and gaining new ideas to help improve Market PrideĀ® and the Australian seafood industry as a whole."


Meaghan has been with SFM since 2007, starting off as a student placement, before staying on to finish her Masters degree through a product development project for Market Pride®. She was then offered a full time position as Quality Assessment Food Technologist.


Prior to SFM, Meaghan worked as a Fish Farm Attendant at Tassal Group while completing an Associate Degree in General Studies at the University of Tasmania. She has also achieved a certificate III in Seafood Industry (Aquaculture) and has undertaken a Masters of Applied Science (Marine Living Resources) at the Australian Maritime College which she will graduate from in 2010.


Well done Meaghan!





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