Some of the fantastic fresh seafood available from SFM retailers during the 36-Hour Seafood Marathon.


Sydney Seafood Shoppers Take to the Starting Blocks This Christmas


As the doors open and the starter's gun sounds at Sydney Fish Market (SFM) for this year's Christmas 36-Hour Seafood Marathon, wholesale and retail customers alike will descend on Blackwattle Bay for the biggest event in Sydney's seafood calendar. 

This annual Christmas extravaganza starts at 5am on Wednesday, 23 December with Sydney-siders invited to shop through the night for their essential Christmas seafood supplies, until doors close at 5pm on Thursday, 24 December.


The 36-Hour Seafood Marathon is designed to take the hassle out of Christmas preparations as families choose to take the heat out of the kitchen on Christmas day with a seafood barbeque feast or a delicious cool seafood platter.


With over 80,000 shoppers expected to visit SFM during the event, Louise Nock, Marketing and Communications Manager believes the annual 36-hour trade has become a Sydney institution.


"For many Sydney families this event is part of their Christmas tradition. A trip to Sydney Fish Market to select fresh seafood is a great way to mark the beginning of the Christmas festivities and something that the whole family can get involved in and enjoy," said Louise.


"We all have very busy schedules in the lead up to Christmas. The 36-Hour Seafood Marathon provides an opportunity to tick all the jobs off the list and still have time to grab the esky and pick up some delicious fresh seafood."


"From the freshest sashimi at the Sushi Bar, to whole fish for cooking or pre-cooked crustacea, there's something to suit every seafood-lover's taste and budget.“


Prawns, oysters and Snapper are expected to be among the favourites on tables around Sydney this Christmas. 200 tonnes of Snapper, the equivalent weight of 35 elephants, are expected to be sold at SFM. 180 tonnes of prawns, the equivalent of 144 Holden Astra cars, as well as 1.6 million oysters are also expected to be purchased.


During the 2009 event, SFM expects to sell over 850 tonnes of seafood in total, almost 7 per cent of the year's total trade.


For SFM Suppliers and Buyers, the week leading into Christmas is the busiest of the year, with the SFM Auction Floor a hive of activity in the early hours of each weekday morning as the rest of Sydney sleeps. The last SFM wholesale auction before Christmas will kick off early on Thursday, 24 December, with a 2.30am start ensuring that this busy auction will be over with in time for Buyer's trucks to be cleared from the car park to accommodate the influx of Christmas Eve shoppers. SFM will reopen to accept product from its Suppliers at 3pm on Monday, 28 December in time for the first auction after Christmas on Tuesday, 29 December.


While customers have a large selection of seafood to choose from, SFM also helps to fill the pantry with the freshest produce from Waterside Fruit Connection, baked goods from Gregory's Hot Bread, alcohol from Fisherman's Fine Wines, gourmet goodies from Blackwattle Deli, as well as last minute stocking fillers from Rosie's Gift Shop and blooms to decorate the table available from Waterfront Flowers.


SFM is located at Bank Street, Pyrmont with parking available during the 36-Hour Seafood Marathon for a flat rate of $3.00 for two hours maximum stay. Additional parking will be available just a two minute walk from SFM at Sydney Secondary College, Blackwattle Bay Campus, entrance via Pyrmont Bridge Road.


The Metro Light Rail will also operate continuously to the Sydney Fish Market stop throughout the 36-hour trade. Alternatively, bus services 501 and 443 regularly depart from the city. For route and timetable information, visit


For further details about SFM's 36-Hour Seafood Marathon, visit the 'Events' page at


Merry Christmas!


Former General Manager of the NSW Fish Marketing Authority, Graham Jones.


SFM Farewells a Wonderful Friend


On Tuesday, 15 December 2009 Graham Jones, former General Manager of the NSW Fish Marketing Authority, passed away after a long battle with illness. He was 77.


Graham Jones, known by those who worked with him as "The Chief", started working for the NSW Fish Marketing Authority as Secretary and Assistant General Manager in July 1966 and held that position until he was promoted to General Manager in October 1975. He remained in the position until he retired in August 1986.


Employed by the authority for over 20 years, Mr Jones was a true leader and an instigator of change, implementing some major initiatives, the impact of which can still be felt across all sectors of the seafood industry.


Such initiatives included the establishment of a Market Development and Promotions Division in 1978, the formation of the former Australian Seafood Promotion Council in 1984/85 (where he served as the inaugural Chairman), the introduction of a computerised accounting system at Sydney Fish Market and the decision to develop the computerised Dutch Auction system that was implemented following his retirement. Further achievements included the purchase of the former Fairfax warehouse that adjoined the then Market, which was later to be developed into the current Sydney Fish Market building, and the provision of loans to industry that enabled fishing co-operatives to purchase essential equipment and construct co-op buildings, such as the Twofold Bay Fishermen's Co-op and Coffs Harbour Co-op.


A genuinely fair and just man, Mr Jones was well respected by buyers, tenants, fishermen and staff. Although he had what is now regarded as a conservative management style, he will be remembered for his open door policy when it came to his staff members, offering a hand to those who needed help, and mentoring those who he believed had true potential.


Those who worked alongside Mr Jones describe him as someone who was generous, compassionate, fair, well-mannered and encouraging - a truly brilliant leader and mentor. All who knew him spoke fondly, highlighting his down to earth nature and the enormous impact he had on their own and other's lives.


"Mr Jones will be remembered as being an inspirational leader, compassionate and respected by all," said Bryan Skepper, SFM's Administration Manager.


Even more importantly, Mr Jones is remembered for his admiration and unconditional love for his family. He is survived by his wife Gwenda and grandchildren Kristina and Kirk.


Mr Jones dedicated his life to his family, friends, his community, and to the NSW Fish Marketing Authority. Characterised by his generosity, intelligence and genuine interest in people, he will be remembered as a much admired character who went out of his way to foster the potential in people, giving everyone a chance to shine.


Graham Jones left behind a lifetime of great achievements. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten by SFM.

Santa receives some last minute Christmas instructions.

Note to Elves: Santa's Gone Fishin'

Have you been good this year? Sydney Fish Market (SFM) has, and as a reward Santa flew by for a special visit on Monday, 21 December.


Forget the reindeers and sleigh, this year Santa arrived in style in a helicopter to greet eagerly awaiting children with treats and balloons, and to take last minute Christmas wish requests.


Kids waited expectantly at SFM's Fishermen’s Wharf as the excitement grew in anticipation of the jolly man's arrival. When he touched down smiles could be seen from ear to ear as the little ones waited their turn with Santa.


This fantastic Christmas event not only pleased the little ones with a personal visit from Saint Nick, but gave parents a chance to stock their fridge for Christmas Day. What more could you want just four days out from Christmas?!


Santa did a fabulous job, putting a twinkle in the eye and a smile on the face of so many excited kiddies, spreading joy and good wishes to all visitors, and helping SFM celebrate the Seafood Christmas trading season.


This exciting Santa fly-by was the curtain raiser to SFM's Christmas festivities, with the 36-Hour Seafood Marathon beginning in earnest this Wednesday, 23 December at 5am, with retailers trading right throughout the night until 5pm Thursday, 24 December.


With the widest selection of seafood in the Southern Hemisphere, plus a bakery, deli, fruit & veg, flowers, bottle shop, sushi bar and gift shop, you know SFM has got Christmas covered.


NOTE: Check out the photo. Recognise Santa?




During this year's Christmas 36-Hour Seafood Marathon, SFM expects to sell over 850 tonnes of seafood. That’s almost 7% of SFM’s total trade for the year! The most popular seafood items for Christmas 2009 will include Snapper, prawns and oysters with:


- 200 tonnes of Snapper expected to be sold... the equivalent weight of 35 elephants! That’s around 93kg of Snapper sold per minute.
- 180 tonnes of prawns... the equivalent weight of 144 Holden Astra cars. Approximately 83kg of prawns will be purchased each minute.
- 1.6 million oysters... that’s almost 1,000 oysters purchased per minute.


Additional parking is again available during this year's 36-Hour Seafood Marathon. This extra car park, with the capacity to hold up to 750 cars, will be located at Sydney Secondary College, Blackwattle Bay Campus, entrance via Pyrmont Bridge Road. The additional car park is a quick 2 minute walk from SFM.


The best way to get to SFM this Christmas is via Metro Light Rail, which will operate continuously to the Sydney Fish Market stop throughout the 36-Hour Seafood Marathon. The Metro Light Rail stop is located near the traffic lights at the entrance to the SFM car park.


For more information visit the 'Events' page at




The SeaNet team.

OceanWatch Australia Receives Crucial Funding


OceanWatch Australia (OWA) received a huge boost from the Federal Government on 24 November, 2009 with the Hon. Tony Burke MP, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry announcing $2.6 million worth of much needed funding for its valuable SeaNet program.


In a unique partnership between the Federal Government, OWA and the Australian seafood industry, the funding will be used to employ SeaNet extension officers whose role is to work with the seafood industry to implement changes in practices and technologies to protect Australia's marine environment.


"Known as the 'Landcarers of the sea', SeaNet officers have been working with industry providing knowledge and improving skills in managing the resources our seas and oceans provide," Mr Burke said.


"This new Australian Government funding for SeaNet will help improve uptake of sustainable practices across the fishing industry, such as the National biofouling management guidelines for commercial fishing vessels."


SeaNet is an initiative of OceanWatch Australia and was established in 1999. It focuses on providing an environmental extension service to the Australian seafood industry through its SeaNet officers, a unique network of fisheries conservation experts. The program offers information and advice on how to improve fishing gear, techniques, technology and also provides practical assistance to preserve Australia's sustainable seafood industry.


The SeaNet Program has been operating for more than 10 years and has worked face-to-face with more than 7,000 fishers in 135 fisheries around Australia.


In 2005, the SeaNet Program won a United Nations World Environment Day Award for successfully helping commercial fishermen around Australia to reduce the accidental capture of seabirds, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, seals and other important marine life, as well as greatly reduce the catch of non-targeted species and other environmental impacts of commercial fishing.


According to Sydney Fish Market (SFM) Managing Director, Grahame Turk, the funding will benefit not only OceanWatch Australia, but assist the entire seafood industry and seafood consumers in ensuring that the supply of sustainable seafood is maintained into the future.


"Minister Burke's announcement in November illustrates how necessary the work undertaken by OceanWatch is," said Grahame.


"The long term security of funding provided by the Australian Government will enable OceanWatch Australia's SeaNet program to continue to assist industry to develop and implement cost effective and practical solutions that are good for fishing and good for the environment."


OceanWatch Australia is a not-for-profit environmental organisation established by the commercial seafood industry. OceanWatch aims to maintain the sustainability of Australia's seafood industry by protecting and enhancing fish habitats, improving water quality and advancing the sustainability of fisheries through action based partnerships.


"The Minister's commitment is great news for all commercial seafood producers around Australia who want to ensure that they fish responsibly while providing Australian consumers with access to our top quality, local seafood," said Brad Warren, Executive Chairman of OceanWatch Australia.


"It is also great news for the Australian public who want the assurance that the seafood they consume is produced in a sustainable manner."


For further information about OceanWatch and it’s the SeaNet program, visit





Australasian Aquaculture 2010 will be held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart from 23-26 May 2010.

World Experts Coming to Hobart for Australasian Aquaculture 2010

Industry stakeholders, world experts and government representatives will gather in Hobart between 23 - 26 May next year for Australasian Aquaculture 2010.


The Australasian Aquaculture Conference focuses on presenting the most up to date and relevant information on the aquaculture industry, and includes international and domestic presenters, trade shows offering the latest in innovative technology, work-shops and networking opportunities.


The theme of next year’s event will be "keeping pace with change", whether that be economic, technological or environmental change, with a particular focus on global issues which affect the Australian aquaculture industry.


Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Dr Alistair Hobday will present a highly anticipated session on the subject of climate change. Dr Hobday’s research spans a range of topics including spatial management and migration of large pelagic species, environmental influences on marine species and the impact of climate change on marine resources.


Adolfo Alvial, a Biologist from the University of Chile, will also be presenting at Australasian Aquaculture 2010. As Technical Director of Marine Harvest Chile, Mr Alvial will provide valuable insight into his experiences within the Chilean aquaculture industry, notably on research and control measures implemented during Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) and Caligus outbreaks that have affected the country’s seafood industry since 2007.


Conference Chair, and Seafood Experience Australia CEO, Roy Palmer believes that there are vital lessons to be learned by members of the Australian seafood industry from such highly regarded and experienced international speakers.


"Disease can happen at any time despite all your best efforts and this can put your business in jeopardy," Mr Palmer said.


"Adolfo Alvial has been involved throughout this crisis, so what a great chance to hear what occurred and maybe develop some solutions should similar problems affect our industry."


Australasian Aquaculture 2010 delegates will be exposed to a range of relevant sessions including 'Efficient Aquaculture Production', 'Branding Strategies', 'Reducing Red Tape in Aquaculture Regulation' and a selection of other interesting topics pertinent to the conference theme.


Aquaculture remains one of the fastest growing primary industry sectors in the world and is an increasingly important part of Australian fisheries production. The Australian aquaculture industry is currently worth $868 million, which equates to 39 per cent of the value of the entire domestic seafood industry.


It is estimated that Australia will require an extra 37 million tonnes of fish over the next 20 years to meet global demand for its seafood product. Most of this additional supply will come from aquaculture, as there is limited room for expansion in wild catch fisheries.


Australasian Aquaculture 2010 will be held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart from 23-26 May 2010. For further information, visit or call Roy Palmer on 0419 528 733.






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