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Andrew Notaras and his wife Kathy

SFM Replaces Mullet with Buzz-Cut at This Year's Shave the Mane

Instead of bidding for Snapper, Morwong and Blue Swimmer Crab, Buyers at Sydney Fish Market (SFM) participated in an auction of a different kind to raise money for long-time SFM auctioneer Steve 'Tibby' Westaway and his family. The famous wholesale seafood auction held every weekday at SFM ground to a halt on Monday, 11 May for the worthy cause.


SFM Buyer Andrew 'Zorro' Notaras once again volunteered to grant the highest bidder the unique opportunity to 'shave his mane' for a good cause. As well as the chance to play barber, this year the successful Buyer received a voucher for an exhilarating helicopter flight for two, generously donated by East-West Helicopters.


Over 150 registered SFM Buyers attempted to out-bid their colleagues for a chance to man the clippers when Andrew's wild, untamed curls made way for a more streamlined look. In appreciation of their generosity SFM hosted a breakfast for Buyers.


The winning bid was from Peter Faros, Director of Faros Brothers Oyster Supply Pty Ltd. Peter kindly bid $2,100 and as a result was handed a pair of shiny new hair clippers and a licence to get shearing.


Andrew has been a Buyer at SFM for the past 20 years and has been sacrificing his characteristic locks for the Shave the Mane event since 2000, benefitting numerous charitable causes. This year Andrew chose to support Tibby, who started as a wheeler in 1984 and is now a highly regarded Auctioneer. Tibby has been waging a courageous fight against cancer for a number of years and continues to receive treatment for the illness.


“SFM are thrilled that Andrew chose to support Tibby and his family this year. He never ceases to amaze us with his generosity and giving spirit”, said Louise Nock, SFM's Marketing & Communications Manager. 


“Every year we stop the auction for this very worthy cause and the Buyers always display a selflessness that makes you proud to be part of the Australian seafood industry”.


SFM is once again honoured to be able to assist and is proud to announce that this year Andrew raised over $22,000 for the Westaway family.


SFM thanks its Buyers, tenants and staff for their incredible generosity.



SFM Managing Director Grahame Turk



SFM Leaves No Stone Unturned in Disaster Recovery Planning


As part of its ongoing mission to provide a safe environment for its customers and employees, Sydney Fish Market (SFM) has recently engaged in high-level Business Continuity and Crisis Management Planning. The exercise was implemented by SFM to test current systems that are in place to respond to a major emergency or incident onsite.


Attended by the SFM Management Team, the exercise involved the simulation of a disaster scenario with the Team being asked to execute SFM's detailed response plans. Sessions such as this are designed to identify how SFM as a company is placed to deal with a similar eventuality, and to identify any gaps in its response plan that need to be addressed.


Key areas of investigation in the planning session included who activates the crisis management plan when an emergency occurs, whether the immediate and urgent actions in the plan are well understood, how easy and efficient communication flows between team members, and what is each individual's role in the execution of the plan.


The primary goal of the session was to review the current response strategies to ensure SFM is capable of handling any eventuality in an efficient and responsible manner, while minimising impact on its business operations. Scenarios which are tested during such exercises may include major fires, acts of terrorism, long-term electrical outages, food-security threats and other potentially disastrous situations.


The outcomes of the day-long session were favourable, with SFM's crisis management plans receiving positive feedback from the administrators of the program. Displaying overall solid planning and in-depth crisis management systems, SFM was praised for its attention and work in this most important area. Several areas were highlighted for improvement, with SFM committed to implementing constant review and improvement of its plans to safeguard against any major event which may jeopardise its customers, staff and business operations.


“Business Continuity and Crisis Management Planning is of the highest priority to Sydney Fish Market” said Bryan Skepper, SFM's Administration Manager.


“Without the appropriate attention and detailed planning, the wellbeing of our staff, customers, onsite clients and our business could be placed in jeopardy. Fortunately, SFM's planning has received a very positive response from Recover Pty Ltd, and by implementing some of the recommendations made to us and constantly reviewing the strong processes that are in place, SFM is confident that we will be able to deal with any eventuality in a responsible and effective manner”.


The key to Business Continuity and Crisis Management is constant review. SFM will continue to revisit, develop and update its plans to ensure that best-practice response mechanisms are maintained and improved for the wellbeing of its people and business.







SFM's appearance at the 2009 Sydney Royal Easter Show

Fish on Parade at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Easter traditionally revolves around seafood, so it is no surprise that Get Fresh with Fish made a huge splash at the 2009 Sydney Royal Easter Show. As Australia's largest annual event, the Easter Show was the perfect place to showcase delicious Australian seafood, with over 3,500 people attending SFM's highly regarded seafood cooking demonstrations between 9–22 April this year.


Get Fresh with Fish is a free seafood cooking demonstration aimed at encouraging local communities to embrace locally caught species. With an emphasis on inexpensive, under-valued, great tasting seafood, Get Fresh with Fish supports fishermen's co-operatives and producers. It is an interactive initiative aimed at educating and entertaining consumers.


The seafood extravaganza took place at 3pm daily at The Australian Women's Weekly Taste of the Show Theatre Kitchen, located in the Woolworths Food Dome.  With great recipes using Ocean Jacket, Sea Mullet, Gould's Squid and Silver Warehou, the demonstrations attracted record numbers of audience members. The fish were truly on parade, with attendees young and old learning all about these exquisite species while watching SFM demonstrator Brigid Treloar prepare fantastic recipes while debunking age-old myths about cooking with seafood.


Known at SFM as the 'oracle' when it comes to cooking seafood, Brigid imparted her diverse seafood knowledge and showed just how much fun cooking it can be. A leading food journalist and stylist, cookbook author and Sydney Seafood School demonstrator, Brigid makes cooking seafood exciting and easy.


The audience were bouncing with enthusiasm, evidenced by the multitude of questions ranging from 'What's the best way to store seafood?' to 'How do I tell if a fish is really fresh?'.


Each audience member was provided with a tasting of the recipes, as well as receiving a glossy SFM seafood recipe book packed with lots of fantastic Get Fresh with Fish recipes, storage tips and pics.


Get Fresh with Fish is an SFM initiative which has been running successfully for the last eight years. This year it has been run in conjunction with the Aussie Seafood - Brought to You by Our Fishermen campaign, which aims to raise the profile and appreciation of Australia's commercial fishermen and their catch. As a result, Get Fresh with Fish demonstrations now often include a local commercial fisherman, who provides a colourful perspective on capturing, handling and preparing seafood.


The Aussie Seafood - Brought to You by Our Fishermen campaign is proudly sponsored by SFM, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, NSW Department of Primary Industries and Seafood Experience Australia.


Get Fresh with Fish has travelled up and down the NSW coast this year, docking in Eden for the Eden Whale Festival and Coffs Harbour for the Coffs Coast Cool Creek Rhythms Food and Wine Festival. Both events were hugely successful, with crowds embracing the fantastic entertainment on offer.


Additional demonstrations have been added to the calendar this year, with several events taking place at SFM. Held in both the Sydney Seafood School and on the SFM Fishermen's Wharf, capacity was reached for each demonstration during Good Food Month last October, with over 1,120 people attending.


All up, Get Fresh with Fish has seen approximately 5,000 attending events this year. SFM looks forward to continuing to grow the popular program.





Caught - Birgit Neiser's photographic exhibition of life behind the scenes at SFM.



Caught - Birgit Neiser's photographic exhibition of life behind the scenes at SFM.

CAUGHT - Photographs of Life at Sydney Fish Market

In June, Mosman Art Gallery in association with Sydney Fish Market (SFM) will present a groundbreaking photographic exhibition of life behind the scenes at the largest working fish market in the Southern Hemisphere. Photographer Birgit Neiser has captured the essence of the Market, documenting its vibrant atmosphere as one Sydney's truly iconic locations.


Birgit's poignant photographs reveal an ongoing love affair with the hustle and bustle of SFM and its people, from the fishermen to forklift drivers and oyster shuckers. Glistening stills of the myriad of species sold, prepared and consumed at the Market are also included, providing a compelling testament to the timeless nature of this maritime industry.


Ever since Birgit was a young girl in Germany, travelling with her family and later independently as an adult, she found that she was especially drawn to markets around the world. With her formal professional background as an economist Birgit has been interested in markets as dynamic places full of life. Whether stock, clothing or fish is being sold, the act of trading has always entranced her. Later, her passion as a student of photography led her to work as a freelance photographer for various European magazines and to continue her studies in New York at the International Center of Photography.


In 2003 Birgit travelled with her husband and children to Sydney and settled in Mosman. From 2006, she immersed herself in the daily life of Sydney Fish Market in order to document its energy, its many diverse characters and the tremendous sense of place the market holds within Sydney's food culture.


“People tend to underestimate the qualities of this place. To many, they just think it is about dead fish, dirty work and rough people. They don't see the pride that the workers have in their jobs and in the Market – that they genuinely feel part of this place” Birgit said.


To compliment the exhibition there will also be a series of talks, workshops and tours:


Being There: Photographer Workshop with Birgit Neiser – Sunday, 21 June, 2 - 5pm

Birgit Neiser will talk about her approach and experiences of photographing life at Sydney Fish Market. This will be followed by an information session for those interested in starting a photo documentary project. Afternoon tea will be provided between sessions.


Point of View: Documentary Photography Talk – Sunday, 28 June, 2pm

Photographer and teacher Catherine Cloran will look at the origins of documentary photography and examine the works, practices and ideas of some of the major photographers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Point of View takes a look at the origins of documentary photography and traces its development through the 20th century, from post-war America and Europe to present day Australia. Afternoon tea included.


Free Exhibition tour: Presented by the Mosman Art Gallery Guides

Saturday 4 July, 11.00am - RSVP (02) 9978 4178


Mosman Art Gallery is located at the corner of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road, Mosman. The gallery is open 7 days a week from 10am – 5pm (closed on public holidays).


For further enquiries on this exciting exhibition, contact Louisa Goodall on 02 9004 1146 or email louisag@sydneyfishmarket.com.au.



The online phenomenon that is Twitter





SFM's Twitter page

SFM Joins the Twitter Revolution

At SFM everybody is twittering about Twitter, an internet blogging site that enables users to post and read other user's updates, or 'tweets' as they are known in cyberspace. User's 'tweet' whenever they have something to say, from once a week to 10 times a day!


SFM has chosen to become a member of the Twitter network to communicate with customers on a whole new level, while keeping abreast of other key stakeholder's news. Providing customers and clients with up-to-date, relevant information on SFM is at the forefront of the Company's Marketing strategy, and all evidence points to Twitter being the next step in key communications.


SFM will use Twitter to promote its business, including updates on Sydney Seafood School, Market Pride® and the Australian seafood industry by posting news feeds on upcoming events, interesting facts and forwarding information on various issues.


Twitter is also a fantastic way for SFM to stay on top of any important issues relevant to our industry, as information is shared by key industry leaders, organisations, publications and journalists who are also using Twitter to spread their message.


“Sydney Fish Market is constantly researching new ways to communicate with its customers and industry. For us it's about embracing new ways of doing things, and using new mediums to exchange ideas, information and expand our existing networks”, said Louise Nock, SFM's Marketing & Communications Manager.


“Twitter is great fun. It allows us a real time, informal means of keeping people up to date with what is happening at SFM, as well as providing them with interesting facts about seafood”.


SFM's presence on Twitter has already garnered interest from many interested followers, including leading Sydney journalists, renowned foodies, seafood industry participants and organisations around the world.


As technology continues to develop at a rapid rate so do the ways in which we communicate. From email to SMS and now to 'Tweeting', it's vital that SFM moves with the ever-changing communications landscape to remain Australia's seafood centre of excellence and a leader in the Australian seafood industry.   


Log into SFM's Twitter site at www.twitter.com/sydfishmarket.




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